Why The Right Wine Packaging Is Important For Corporate Gifting?

 The wine itself or the wine packaging—which is more crucial for wine? You could believe that the query is a ruse. The wine is more significant. Right, the purpose of the wine bag Singapore is to transport the wine from the producer to your glass.

However, consider the last time you purchased a bottle of wine. Was it because you got a taste of it beforehand, or was it the allure of the packaging? Most consumers cannot taste new wines before purchasing them due to recent health worries over COVID. Instead, they rely on online evaluations and, naturally, examine the wine’s packaging.

First impressions count when giving expensive or cheap corporate gifts, so that visual handshake had better be spectacular if you want buyers to give your wine a chance.

How did wine packaging change over time?

 When the wine was first purchase, it was package in a 750ml bottle with a cork and a label.

Today, no wine producer can get away without providing more selections because of the pandemic and contemporary health concerns. The market for wine in cans alone increased from $136 million in 2016 to $211 million in 2020.

Let’s first speak about the evolution of bottles before we talk about other containers and serving sizes.

Most bottle designs for various wines are mostly based on custom. However, according to the method of production, some wines, such as sparkling wines, do have distinctive shapes. Other unique forms are utilize to enhance certain aromas after opening or to better preserve certain wines.

Different hues of bottle glass are available, and bottle forms are ultimately up to the creators’ creativity. Modern labels are becoming works of art in and of themselves. Everything that can show greater creativity, including textures, colors, graphic design, and other elements, is investigating.

Even labels that, when put on a particular mirror, disclose concealed pictures are available. These augmente reality designs are make to be viewed on a smartphone.

Small portion sizes for alcoholic beverages are one of the major trends right now. Younger consumers are frequently concerned with their health (thus the popularity of strong seltzer), and vintners have adopted this trend with their wine packaging.

Customers may enjoy wine without having to devour a whole bottle before it turns to vinegar thanks to small, individual cans. With boxed wines, you have perfect control over how much is served since a spigot only releases the exact quantity needto keep the rest fresh.

Wine can only be kept fresh after opening for a week. For six weeks, wine in a box will remain fresh.

In addition to requesting greater portion control, customers are also requesting more environmentally friendly goods. It is preferable if there are more recyclable and recycled materials.

Benefits of making investments in custom wine bags:

 If your wine bag is subpar, customers will notice. It serves as your initial impression.

If your labels are “uncompelling,” customers will walk right by them in the store since it only takes the typical consumer seven seconds to determine whether they want your goods or not.

Packaging that is well-made and appealing attracts buyers’ attention and boosts sales.

Investing in your packaging is crucial since excellent packaging serves several commercial purposes simultaneously:

Excellent packaging offers protection:

 Comparatively speaking to other drinks, your wine is weak. Your wine can be harmed by the sun, heat, and even strong shocks. To wow the customer, get premium bottles, corks, or other types of caps, and load them with foam, boxes, and entertaining extras.

Brands with Great Packaging:

 When consumers glance at the wine packaging, they will notice your brand. Graphic design consistency may increase revenue. Unprofessional branding without a distinct design won’t persuade them to buy.

Good packaging reduces costs:

 You may save money by first picking the appropriate packaging. The less you have to rework your packing later, the more you’ll spend on it.

It will cost more to purchase subpar labels, bottles, graphic design, and packaging that doesn’t adequately safeguard your goods than it would do so.

Eco-friendly Packaging:

 Packaging that is more environmentally friendly and biodegradable may cost more than packaging that is less so. But if your clients care, you should too.

The feel, the effect on the environment, and the capacity to keep your wine fresh all matter just as much as the appearance you give your wine items.

Wine packaging types to take into account:

 Because wine makes up 65% of all online alcohol sales, keep in mind that many customers will taste your wine for the first time when they open the packaging it comes in.

When your wine bottles are crowded on shop shelves, it’s harder to provide the wow factor you need.

Let’s discuss some of the many package styles that might influence shoppers.

Wine Tote Bags:

 For those who might wish to “taste test” a few possibilities, making a wine carrier for large or small bottles is a terrific method to encourage numerous purchases.

This is a fantastic chance to provide your customers with another branded experience, which wineries have not previously had access to.

Folded Boxes:

 Depending on the design and material quality, a folding box is an easy option that delivers protection and lots of “wow” for the buyer.

BIB Packaging:

A bladder or pouch within a cardboard box is referr to as bag-in-box packaging or B-i-B packaging. Traditional terminology refers to this type of packaging as “boxed wine.” Complete graphic design covering may be drawn attention with the use of boxes.

Pouch Box:

 These boxes with tapering closures are elegant. If you choose ones with handles, they will appear to be gift bags.

Gift Box:

 This is your time to go all out with gift boxes. Wine is frequently give as a present, so giving it in a unique package helps it stand out from other wines.

Future sales can be generate by folding boxes with artwork, pop-ups, and other packaging-sticking elements.

Custom wine bags:

 While products like mother cartons, trays, and other carriers predominate the market, you need unique packaging if you want to stand out! Any container may be made by one of our skilled team members using a bespoke design.

Getting the best wine bags is as important as the wine:

 Does that sound heretical? Wine with dull packaging is never purchase. The world’s best wine needs to look the part. It’s time to select a packaging partner now that you are aware of the requirement for quality wine packaging.

We frequently encounter straightforward, off-the-shelf wine packaging that serves its purpose. If you don’t put money into your presentation, how can you hope to reach your sales goal?

You made a fantastic product, however, you forgot to include your packaging! Wine packaging is a fantastic technique to attract customers in-store and online. Although it’s simple to ignore, this is the problem that most companies want to address.

The wine bottle has become a fixture at meals, events, and gatherings all around the world, giving the sector influence. Additionally, there are a lot of rivalries, and every company is searching for the next edge. That is where packing is essential.

Your differentiator may be in it! The justification for a client choosing your bottle over another. You need the correct design to master that consumer encounter.

We assist companies in transforming their brands from basic to premium, utilizing the most recent advancements in technology and advertising to produce fresh looks and, more crucially, boost sales.

New packaging concepts might be difficult to make a reality. We wrote this article to help you through each point because of that.

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