What Is CPC In Digital Marketing?

CPC in digital marketing means cost per click. It is structure for online advertising on google which is use to count the number of people visiting a website. That means when you advertise on your website. When visitors click on your ads and visit your website then substantial amount is deducted from your account. Which is the value of the visitor to your website through your display ad. (CPC) cost per click is also know as pay per click (PPC).

Its primary option is cost per mile (CPM). That means that the fee for your ad impression. View or display ad will be deducted from your amount even if no visitor is clicking on your ad.

Comprehension of Cost Per Click (CPC)

When you run ads for your website you have to understand CPC. Because advertisers commonly set daily budgets for paid campaigns. When their budget amount is reached the ad is automatically removed.

For example: running ads for a website with $.15 CPC, and you have a total of 1000 clicks on your ad then you have to pay $150, Most people’s use google ads for this because it is the best platform for paid advertising.

How Much Does a Click Cost?

If you think about how much a click cost so it depends on you. Because of which type of keywords you choose for ads. Suppose you have to choose high-bid keywords so you will have to pay high charges, it won’t take you any extra charge, you have to pay only your selected bid charge. and Google Ads gives discounts for high ad quality scores.

Method of counting Cost Per Click

A simple method is used for calculating CPC, which determines your cost rate per click and gives the actual cost of your per click.

Advertising Campaign Cost / Number of Clicks

Some Ads Platform and Publishers use bidding methods for their rates, for example when you use google ads for the paid campaign so it asks you to select a minimum and maximum amount for your ad per click.

This means your ad can show on high-bid keywords and low-bid keywords it ranks your ad on top of search relevant and sets the cost per click. and you have used automated bids from google to increase your CTR(Click Through rate).

And Now, What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a digital way of promoting your business on the web so that you can grow your business online, generate quality leads, and increase your business sales.

As the name implies digital marketing involves all marketing strategies or action you take to promote your product online. It includes search marketing email marketing social media marketing and mobile marketing initiatives to connect with current and prospective customer.

So now you surely understand what is digital marketing, let’s examine the five Ds of digital marketing

The 5Ds of Digital Marketing

As consumers interact with brands and as businesses reach out to their audience in different ways. the 5D in digital marketing defines these opportunities.

The 5Ds of Digital Marketing are –

  1. Digital Device
  2. Digital platform
  3. Digital Media
  4. Digital Data
  5. Digital Technology

 How CPC Works in Digital Marketing?

CPC advertising involves paying the publisher every time a customer clicks on the ad. CPC is an essential metric in digital marketing. Which is use to calculate the cost of a user click on your ad, as you know CPC is the cost per click, when you will run ads for your website and business on Google and social media platforms, every platform asks you for your daily budget, or bid higher. That is, how much are you willing to pay in a day to get higher clicks, this will help you to easily know how many clicks you get within your budget.

For example, to advertise a new clothing line for your small clothing boutique, you can run an ad on Facebook and set a daily budget, Which you want to spend on your post clicks,

so after keeping this you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and you will not charge if they scroll down without clicking on your ad.

There are so many options associate with digital marketing that you can experiment and implement with regards to different types of marketing campaigns, and increase your business sales and convert your leads into customers, this quick Growth is the method you will need to grow your business. To grow quickly, everywhere. on the web and on online platforms.


As mentioned, we discovered some awesome and surprising facts about CPC, What is CPC, the methods and much more,  Evidently it is a part of digital marketing strategy which can be managed through paid campaigns, Google appears to be a dazzling platform that provides you with an opportunity to boost sales with selecting the right keywords and finalizing the budget, And it helps you generate quality leads for your business and brand.


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