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What do you think Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas?

If you’re looking for a blossoming romance between friends-turned-enemies-lovers, look no further than Punk 57. Misha Leray and Ryan Trevorrow – longtime friends who have never met in person. Until they do that. The only person he knows about is Misha, and Ryan is no genius. Kangaroo, yes, I don’t know what to do. Which is the name? Not much of a smile.
I see a lot of Penelope Douglas on Tik Tok FYP. He is well known as a writer of good stories and not Punk 57. Before reading this book, I advise everyone to take note of this advice – start there are movies, although not surprising to me, that someone else can understand.

Total stars: 3.75 stars

I agree that reading this book was pure pleasure and I can say that it meets the criteria that other readers who like books of this type are looking for. There’s anger, there’s sex, there’s sex (as elsewhere in the second half) and there’s a lesson to be learned from the whole story.
This story reminds me of movies where the actors play high school students in their 20’s or 30’s and everyone has to believe it’s true because there are a lot of high school students like John Tucker, right?
I mean, I wish there was someone as hot as Jesse Metcalf, but teenage years aren’t always as friendly as we’d like them to be (maybe that’s why America is so confused about looks and intentions, but that’s another issue). Worms to open another time).
I can say that this particular story is very well written and worth watching.

What is it about?

Misha and Ryan have been pen pals since fifth grade; their distinctive names fooled the teachers into thinking they were each of the opposite sex. Ryan is actually a woman and Misha is a man, as they discover through correspondence over time. They live in neighboring cities and talk about everything that happened in their lives, each of them becomes a unique person to whom they can open up and share with everyone else.
They also share ideas and lyrics for Misha’s band, but they also argue a lot, but one thing they always agree on is to keep their relationship to letters only; No one looks at each other, no one sends a message, no one asks a Face book friend to see what the other looks like. He liked anonymity. They continue through the high school years.

What I liked?

Puzzles and twists! I’d say you’ll see the plot twist right away, not the mystery, but the author sneaks in a few surprises that I really didn’t expect. The one at the end is obviously more shocking (not including depression). The secret of the story is that Misha came to Rayna and stayed there; He’s looking for something.
Chemistry Ryan and Misha have a strong history. It’s a whirlwind relationship and quite unique compared to many other stories I’ve read in any romance or fiction genre. While this may not be entirely true, especially when it comes to sex, the value of pleasure does not diminish. It was fun to see how their relationship changed and what they had to do to get to where it ended up.
Writing style! Getting down to self-published books is a slippery slope because it can mean that the author’s style or editing may not match traditionally published works, but the author’s words cover the pages amazingly well. It doesn’t sound unfamiliar or wrong in any way. It’s always a shame when things like this distract readers from the real story. Penelope Davis sure knows her stuff.

What I don’t like?

Bad scenes/conversations/romantic positions. It was very hot to read, don’t get me wrong. To be honest, I’m not sure I can say I don’t like it, but I still think it’s worth criticizing and pointing out. Spoiler alert, unless it’s completely untrue… Ryan and Misha have sex… I know, I was surprised too. Sorry for the big leak of the book… The scandal is that it was written that these two had sex like fucking porn stars.
Misha also talks about multiple tattoos on her body and she is only 18 years old… how can she legally get all these tattoos? Maybe he’s really 20 or 30? Some of the dialogue is also a bit unrealistic, especially with the antagonist of the story who happens to be with Ryan for most of the story, but some of what he says sounds serious, as I know he must be a dude too he is a wonderful guy. the most popular boy in school.


Overall, this is a great book for romance/fiction lovers. it’s a very good read and has some points to back it up. Ryan and Misha have a bad time, in some ways it seems very bad, but when you read together, you know what is going on in their heads; Making others think about their behavior. Does it make sense? No doubt, but I like the name. I’m very interested in checking out the author’s other titles.

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