Use Of Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

Artificial intelligence is the thing which has made technology possible. So many innovations and applications have made human lives more accessible which are all gifts of artificial intelligence. In our current lives we cannot name one thing which is not the gift of artificial technology. Although there is a debate about whether it is beneficial to society today, we will not get into it.

Today our topic of discussion is to find out the use of artificial intelligence in daily life, so let’s begin:

1) Food-ordering sites

Let’s start with the essential apps that one uses which is food-offering sites. There are various ways by which artificial intelligence functions on food ordering sites. For example, one of the ways it functions is by listing down the names of the food a restaurant from which you want to eat. Also, you will notice receiving notifications from the app during noon or dinner time which matches the time when you previously ordered.

This is again the work of artificial intelligence where they send notifications to ignite the urge to order ageing.

2) Clothing websites

Another typical example that most people are familiar with is online clothing sites. This works similarly where you find the recommended items based on your wish list and choices. Even if you are not using the app, you will see ads popping up in other apps out of nowhere.

What do we call it?? Yes, you guessed it right the gift of artificial intelligence. Not only consumers but even sellers use the power of artificial intelligence to know their customer behavior and their likes and dislikes, which helps them in future of their business.

3) Online banking

Nowadays, be it small wholesale company or big restaurants, you will see the option of doing online payment everywhere. The entire process of linking your bank account to an app and sending money is due to artificial intelligence. Fairy Tale by Stephen King Pdf Download

Banks are also introducing the technology of submitting cheques virtually without going to the bank. So a check also requires a signature, which can be done virtually too making the process very hassle free.

4) Online educational tools

One of the other significant areas of development in artificial intelligence is online educational tools. Now, there is a bunch of online educational tools available this can be plagiarism tools, paraphrasing tools, calculators, hiring Programming help, equation solvers and more. Students can type in their issues and the tool gives them the accurate answer.

Most people rely on this online means because they know it will never suggest the wrong answers. So who do you think is solving the problems behind the tool? Of course, it is the work of artificial intelligence. All these tools function with the help of AI, which fails to amaze people with its brilliant functionality.

5) Virtual assistants

We are all living in the world of Alexa and Siri. These are forms of virtual assistants. Humans heavily use virtual assistants, and scientists are trying to push advancements in this area by introducing human-like robots. Virtual assistants can recognize human actions, language and patterns.

When humans command them to do a particular activity, they can do it without involving human work. So people are relying on them only more, and soon we will see more improvements in this area.

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6) Online maps

Let’s talk about how we all depend on Google maps for knowing the location of anywhere unknown. Google maps are the best and most relied forms of artificial intelligence. These maps use the pictures from satellites to form an image of the maps.

Stores and services enlisted on Google and online can be easily found nearby. This has made human lives significantly more easier, and it is shocking how even minor to small stores can be found online on maps.

7) Transportation services

We all heavily rely on Uber and other rental services, and it won’t be a schoker to tell you that these are boons of artificial intelligence as well. You will see notifications popping up simultaneously. Well, this does not happen out of the blue. These apps have deeply rooted, in built technology, allowing one to track your location and suggest their services.

The entire mechanism of booking, knowing your location and receiving the notification, is a part of artificial intelligence.

8) Video games

Online video games are where a player plays and competes with another virtual player. These virtual players help one have a delightful experience and have fun even if real players are not involved. Most of the games have this feature. Some might provide this for practice, while others allow one to have this as a multiplayer option when the player does not have real friends around to play with them.

Anyways this is a virtual player which is also a gift of Artificial intelligence.

9) Social media sites

In today’s world, everyone has their social media be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even Gmail. You will find people of all ages and all regions here. The posts you see and the people who get recommended are all based on the function of artificial intelligence.

You will often find that the people in your area or your community are always suggested to you as friends. This is high because the AI finds the search based on your location and contacts, which help them, recommend similar matches.

These are all the many ways in which artificial intelligence is being incorporated into our daily lives. Don’t think of these as the only means because AI is also involved in email systems, music streaming, ordering online Computer Science Assignment Help, job-hunting apps and more. So you see how smoothly it has accommodated in our everyday life, and humans depend more on it to get their work done with low effort.

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