Use a Nail Scissor to Cut Newborn’s Nails at Home

Within the first few weeks of their child’s life, new parents quickly learn two important things about their newborn’s fingernails and toenails. In this blog, we’d like to share some of the information (as well as some helpful hints) that we’ve picked up over the years regarding the proper way to trim a baby’s nails and how to use a baby-safe nail scissor. As a business that prioritizes the maintenance of good nails above all else, we believe that we are the ideal authorities to impart the knowledge that we have acquired.

  • The nails of a newborn are quite sharp
  • The nails on those babies are so sharp because they grow so quickly.

When first-time parents become aware of these key points, they frequently pose the following question to us: “When is it safe to clip a baby’s nails?”

When Should You Start Cutting your Baby’s Nails, and How often should you Do it?

There are few parts of a newborn infant that are more delicate than their hands and feet. Which is why parents start clipping their newborn baby’s fingernails and toenails as early as one month after the baby is born. These razor-sharp newborn nails grow out quite quickly. It would appear that one week is the typical amount of time that passes between haircuts. Although the interval might be anywhere from once every couple of days to once every two weeks. It is essential to maintain a baby’s nails trimmed in order to prevent any accidents from occurring. Although every infant is different, this rule applies to all babies.

How Should a Child’s Fingernails and Toenails be Trimmed?

Use Baby Nail Scissors

We believe that using baby nail scissors is the most effective and secure method for cutting a baby’s nails. These baby nail scissors include a variety of characteristics that contribute to its high level of safety. Even though they are made of high-quality strong steel, the edges of these shears have been rounded off to prevent cuts and other possibly dangerous cutting blunders. The blades are also shorter than those found on adult scissors. Which results in a smoother and less painful slicing experience for the user. In addition, because it can be challenging to maintain a baby’s attention for an extended period of time, many of the baby nail scissors are eye-catching colors and designs. That are intended to assist keep the baby focused and entertained.

It is never okay to use adult-sized scissors or clippers on a child, especially a newborn. Adults have significantly larger fingers and toes than children, hence adult tools are designed to accommodate their size. Before making a purchase, it is important to verify the steel’s quality, as well as whether or not the metals are resistant to rust and whether or not they contain any chemicals that could trigger an allergic reaction. Samberg is pleased to provide you with only the highest-quality goods for your child.
Here are some helpful hints for trimming your infant’s nails using scissors.

In spite of the fact that we did not “write the book” on the subject of how to use baby nail scissors in a way that is both safe and effective, our years of research and experience in the real world have led to the development of five helpful guidelines that should make your experience less difficult.

Point no. 1 – Visibility

When cutting a baby’s nails, it is imperative to do so in a well-lit environment, as is recommended by both pediatricians and new parents. This is one of the most important factors to consider in order to prevent any cutting accidents.

Point no. 2 – Don’t Go It Alone

Babies are known to be restless and have a short attention span. It’s possible that the scissors will slip out of your grasp if the infant makes any jerky movements with their hands and fingers. When a person is working alongside another person, it is easier for them to maintain their attention on the task at hand, which in this case is cutting the baby’s hair.

Point no. 3 – Distract Yourself and Relax

In conjunction with the second suggestion, ensuring that the baby is quiet and comfortable is essential in order to prevent the baby’s fingers from moving while the nails are being trimmed. The most effective method is to divert the baby’s attention away from the process of nail clipping. Some professionals even recommend trimming a baby’s nails while they are asleep; however, we do not yet have sufficient “data” on this practice to recommend it to parents.

Point no. 4 – the Finger Pad

This is a piece of advice that each and every professional endorses. To reduce the risk of cutting the baby’s finger, carefully draw the baby’s finger pad away from the nail. This will create space between the end of the nail and the baby’s cuticle, which will prevent the nail from accidentally cutting the baby’s finger.

Point no. 5 – Make a Cut Directly Across

Perhaps this should have been the first piece of advice given by experts as they consistently recommends that nails be cut against the grain and never too deep into corners. Cutting corners or making cuts that are too short can expose you to the risk of infection and cause bleeding. When it comes to a baby’s nails, the significance of cutting across is amplified.

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