Picture Perfect: A Tour of the Dubai Frame

Dubai is a beautiful place to visit for the people who love the beach. This city has a lot of attractions that you can visit in it and one of them is the Dubai Frame. It is a museum, monument, and observatory. The Dubai Frame is the largest frame in the world. Having a width of 95.53 meters and a height of 150.24 meters, the frame is a very large and impressive structure.

Time to visit

When it comes to deciding when to go to Dubai, you’ll want to keep in mind a few factors. Not only are there are weather and temperature considerations, but also the time of year you plan your trip and how long you’ll be there. A good rule of thumb is to plan ahead, and to avoid the over-priced stuff. The good news is, you’re likely to find a great deal on hotels and flights.

You should also consider the amount of sunlight you’ll get. In fact, the UAE is a sunny place. Although you won’t be as lucky as in the UK, you’ll still get to enjoy a good amount of sunshine. And while you’re in the sun, the beach is the place to be.

The weather in Dubai isn’t quite as bad as it might seem, especially in the evenings. On a clear day, the water will be cool enough to swim in. So if you’re interested in scuba diving or snorkelling, it’s a good idea to pack your wetsuit.

Dubai Frame


Dubai Frame is a must-see attraction for tourists and locals. The Frame enables visitors to experience the past, present and future of the city. They constructed a 50-storey tower using aluminium, steel, and glass.

Built by designer Fernando Donis, the Frame is a landmark destination in the UAE. Visitors can enjoy multimedia exhibitions that showcase the evolution of the city.

The museum at the ground level of the Frame presents objects of interest from the past, present and future of Dubai. There are also interactive presentations, specially-fabricated scents, projections and AV displays.

The top floor of the Frame allows visitors to take in 360-degree views of the city. A sky glass bridge connects both sides of the Frame. Elevators allow visitors to reach the top in 75 seconds.

Another attraction at the Frame is Zabeel Park. This park is adjacent to the Frame and provides aerial views of the Dubai Creek. Children under three years old are free.


The Dubai Frame is an architectural landmark in the city of Dubai. Mexican architect Fernando Donis designed the structure. In 2008, he won an international competition for designing the building.

It is a landmark building that is 150 meters tall. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the Dubai skyline. It is located in Zabeel Park, near the center of the city.

The frame is made of steel and glass. A glass-floored walkway stretches across the top of the structure. From the top, visitors can see the Sheikh Zayed Road and the old city of Deira.

Originally, the structure was supposed to serve as an observatory. The winning design was a simple, slender frame with a stark clarity to it. They changed the final design to include all the other islands that make up the Dubai archipelago.

The Dubai Frame is the latest attraction in Dubai. In January 2018, the building opened to the public. While the museum on the ground floor showcases Dubai’s history and transformation, the observation deck offers clear views of New Dubai.

Opening date

The Dubai Frame is the world’s tallest picture frame. It is located in Zabeel Park. This architectural landmark is 150 meters high. Among other attractions, it offers panoramic views of the city.

This is a unique attraction that is enjoyed by people of all ages. It features four unique worlds. Various colours and beautiful art are displayed here.

The structure is constructed using 2,000 tons of steel and 2,900 square metres of laminated glass. It has two towers, one of which is 150 meters high. A bridge at the top connects the towers.

Tickets for the Frame will cost AED 50 for adults, AED 30 for children, and free for the elderly. They can be purchased at the ticketing counter.

The opening date of the Frame has not yet been announced. However, it is expected to open soon. Initially, the project was scheduled to open in 2015, but it was delayed to prevent it from competing with Dubai Safari.

Captain Dunes

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