MVPs Participation and Registration Process in MIPS 2023

Long before the finalization of the MIPS 2023 Final Rule, CMS informed providers about the eligible clinician types. The reason behind this prior notification was to assemble the next strategies and measures in a more meaningful way. In the same way, CMS has announced a new reporting option, named MIPS Value Pathways. It is quite obvious that all MIPS-eligible clinicians have an open opportunity to report MVPs. MVPs give a set of 12 streamlined and reduced measures and activities. However, we also have a list of MVP participants that can participate in MIPS reporting.

Here in this blog, we will have a detailed overview of MVPs’ participation and the registration process behind it.

Who can be an MVPs Participant?

We have mainly five participation types in MIPS Value Pathways Final Rule.

  • Individual clinicians
  • Single specialty groups
  • Multispecialty groups
  • Subgroups
  • APM Entities

The abovementioned participation types are available from 2023 to 2025 for performance years only. Afterward, CMS will reduce them to four, excluding multiple specialty groups. So, all multispecialty groups will necessarily be made subgroups at the commencement of the performance year 2026 of MVPs Reporting.

Here, we must mention that both single-specialty groups and multispecialty groups are types of group practices. Anyhow, one must not confuse them.

Single Specialty Group Multispecialty Group
A single-specialty group consists of 2 or more providers offering one type of specialty care. A multispecialty group is a group participation type that offers more than one type of specialty care.

Thus, it is right to say, MVPs are the best option for participants in MIPS 2023. It has facilitated their MIPS reporting in a variety of ways. You might ask for help from us for our MIPS consulting to facilitate you throughout the process.

An Outline of MVP Registration Process

Not only for MIPS 2023, but as a whole, a participant has to register as an MVP participant beforehand. The registration process to be entitled as an MVP participant is not very much complex. Like other processes, the MVP registration process has preset deadlines for the completion of registration.

  • Registration Timelines

The registration for MIPS reporting in PY 2023 will begin on April 3, 2023, and the process will end on November 30, 2023. So, it is mandatory to pick your participation type in one go as you won’t be able to change it once the registration ends. Thus, those intended to report under the subgroup participation type must choose it within the time.

Note: Those deciding to use CAHPS for MIPS Survey in MIPS 2023 reporting, must finish CAHPS for MIPS Survey registration by June 30, 2023. Anyhow, after registering for CAHPS for MIPS Survey, you can still do your MVP or subgroup registration before November 30.

  • What Happens in the Registration Process?

Every MVP participant (individual, group, or APM entity) will make the following choices:

  1. Pick one MVP to report,
  2. Also, one population health measure in the MVP foundational layer,
  3. And, any outcomes-based administrative claims measure for the quality performance category, if applicable.

Clinicians must choose whether they wish to submit as a subgroup while registering. The subgroup registration must additionally contain the following information in addition to the above-mentioned MVP registration requirements:

  1. a list of the subgroup’s National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) and Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs);
  2. A simple name for the subgroup (to be used for public reporting);
  3. a description of the subgroup’s structure, which might be enumerated or recounted in narrative form.

Once the subgroup registration completes, CMS will entitle a distinct subgroup identifier to you. The group TIN identification, the MVP identifier, and the individual NPI identifier will not be paired with this.

One thing must be noticed here, once the MVP registration phase ends, neither you can change your MVP selection nor do you report any unselected MVP. Anyhow, traditional MIPS and APP reporting are available for you.

What if you register for an MVP but don’t report the MVP?

In this specific case, you will be awarded the highest possible final score from every reporting option and participation option, except for virtual groups.

What is the fate of Small Practices in Medicare Part B Claims Reporting?

You must report the Medicare Part B claims measures in your chosen MVP to fulfill data completeness criteria. However, the reporting must start in January 2023, before the MVP registration window.


MIPS 2023 Final Rule allows the participants to report via MIPS Value Pathways. MVP is a newer but very easy pathway to get the maximum MIPS final score to avoid penalties. However, you must do your MVPs registration on time. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the maximum benefit of the MVPs. Anyhow, MIPS consulting services like P3Care ease you in your MVPs selection and registration process.

Since the MIPS value pathway is one way to appear in MIPS 2023, those intending to use this option must complete their registration for MVPs reporting in advance.

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