Jim Corbett Best 4 and 5-Star Resorts

hishoTAre you ready to plan your next Jim Corbett vacation? This list contains the top 4-star and 5-star hotels in Jim Corbett National Park, which will make your Jim Corbett vacation unforgettable.

These resorts are close to the Tiger Reserve’s entrance zone. This will save you time during your jungle safari. This is a list of recommended resorts.

Best 5-Star Resort

Latiggle Hotel

You will feel right at home in this resort. You will be woken up by the sun and the sound of birdsong. This picturesque village is surrounded by majestic mountain and forest. The spacious room can be enhance with all modern convenience.


Ahana is the perfect place for nature lovers who love the wilderness and beauty. It is rated as one of the best resort in Jim Corbett National Park, according to TripAdvisor reviews. It offers yoga and Ayurvedic treatments, as well as swimming pools. This resort is the ideal retreat for anyone looking for comfort and many choices.

Highly recommended is Ahana, Jim Corvette’s most highly-rated luxury resort. It is surround by beautiful nature and many species and offer a relaxing experience.

Corbett fun resort

Teda is home to our most beautiful resort and most impressive building. It is located in Ramnagar. The resort is conveniently located in Ramnagar near Corbett National Park. This luxurious resort is highly rated for wildlife tourism. This Resort in Jim Corbett offers excellent service at an affordable price. Every department has a well-equipped staff who will make sure your next meeting, dinner, or wedding is a success. You have the option to create your own tours and travel options. These let you pick the locations and places you wish to visit. You can also take a tour package to Nainital or other stunning places in Uttarakhand.

Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort

Jim Corbett chose this hotel for its beautiful interior design and outstanding interior design. This hotel is a great combination of the natural world and interior design. There are five types of cottages. Each one is unique.

Corbett Baagh SPA & Resort is one of the most prestigious hotels located in Ramnagar. Luxury SPA resorts at Jim Corbett Uttarakhand provide top-quality amenities.

Best 4-star resort

Wood Castle Spa & Resort

Wood Castle Spa can be found near Jim Corvette National Park. This national park is one of the most visited in the country. The stunning views from the resort and the beautiful surrounding forests are truly breathtaking. It is located only 30 minutes from Ram Nagar, and is the nearest parcel to Dungari Gate. This gate leads to the Dikara Zone. It is located in the heart the Dikara Zone.

Many rooms have stunning views of the garden and forest from their homes. These are the rooms you’ll find:

There are many restaurants in the resort. There are also many other amenities, such as a children’s play area or SPA. You can also enjoy many other activities while staying at the resort. Rates for rooms

Daily rate: Rs. The daily rate is Rs.5000, but it can change depending on the season and availability.

Corbett tiger resort

Corbett Tiger Resort Tejomaya is a warmly welcome place. Jim Corbett National Park is the ideal place to discover lush green jungles and an elephant corridor. It is surround by lush sal forest. You must stay at Tiger’s Corbett Wildlife Resort, Corbett Tiger Resort Tejomaya by Mazestix. This gives you an idea of the wildlife that awaits you at the luxury resort in Village Bailparao in Ramnagar in District Nainital-Uttarakhand. There are 7 acres of wildlife to delight wildlife lovers and adventure seekers.

River Creek Resort

River Creek is a unique family resort in the jungle. This resort is ideal for nature lovers and families. It is surrounded with Jim Corvette forests, making it very appealing. RamNagar is about 33 km away. It takes between 50 and 65 minutes. It’s approximately 33 km from Ramnagar Resort. It takes approximately 50 to 65 minutes.

Many rooms in this property offer views of the river or forest.

Two restaurants offer exceptional and delicious cuisine. Two restaurants are located on the premises and offer exquisite cuisine. There is also a large outdoor area that can be use by children. Rates for rooms

The daily rate for the hotel is Rs 55006500 but can vary according to the season.

Corbett Spa Resort

Corbett Corbet Baagh Spa and Resort is the ideal spot to escape to for nature-lovers. It is the ideal combination of luxury, nature, and comfort. It is located approximately 60 minutes away from Ramnagar. 

Rooms start at Rs. A room costs between Rs.6000 and Rs.7500 per evening, but can vary depending on the season.

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Golden Task Resort

Golden Task Resort is another place you can relax. It is surround by lush forest. It is situated in Ram Nagar, a quiet district near a forest reserve. T is just a 10-minute drive to Jirna or Della. It is located in Ram Nagar District, just a 10 minute drive from Jirna and Della.

Many rooms have stunning views of the garden, pool, and forest.

There are many options for dining at the Resort, including other underwater experiences.

There are many outdoor and indoor activities available in resorts, as well as children’s playgrounds. See our room rates

It is Rs. The daily rate is Rs.5000, but it can go up during peak seasons.

Grand Resort Corvette

It is, according to inventory, the largest resort in the Jim Corvette area. The Grand Resort is found in Santo Spur Choi Village, near Hanuman Dam. Grand Resort has 100 rooms and cottages spread over 18 hectares.

The Grand is a tranquil getaway with first-class amenities and excellent service.

There are plenty of places to eat as well as indoor and outdoor activities, and meeting rooms. There is a playground. Rates for rooms

The daily rate for the hotel is Rs 55006500 but can vary according to the season.

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