How to Shoot true stories to spread authenticity

We have used the Aladdin Bi-flex light and frequently use Zylight F8 Fresnels, too. We also carry a flag kit , or hire one from the ground stories, depending on where we’re going. The great thing about the Zylights or Aladdin lights is they’re powered by the same V-mounts that we use for our cameras. This allows us to have a lot of flexibility when we’re out in the field.

What is the best way to go about finding a location?

Each of the projects in the series 3d movie maker require travel, so we’ve relied on local fixer/producers to share photos of the areas where our subject’s live and building relationships with them prior to the time we arrive. It is essential to ensure that they know the timeline and the expected timeline for the filming process to ensure achievement of this project.

We arrive at the location, and plan extra time prior to filming in order to do an area scout and spend time with our actors before grabbing the camera stories. Then, we refine the list of shots that we prepared from the distance. It’s ideal to travel ahead of time however this isn’t the case with these kinds of projects.

What’s your procedure regarding setting up, getting the ideal shot, framing, etc?

Because we’re a small group and recording the lives of real people stories, we must be swift and agile in our setups. When we’re scouting we plan out the shots we’d like to create and choose the equipment/lighting that can be used for each shot We also strive to be fluid and let our subjects remain who they are in the front of the lens.

We utilize tools such as the Ronin drone, drones, the Kessler Cineslider, and an Easyrig to enhance the overall look of the movie studios production, and they also let us swiftly move from scene to stories scene. Between myself and DOP Pawel Dwulit, we also set up a wireless follow focus/Teradek/monitor on the most recent shoot in Uganda, which allowed us a lot of control on the fly.

We aim to create images that reflect the mood of the story and also to capture imagery that complements the interview we’ve conducted. The list of shots we shoot changes throughout the shooting process as new events or unexpected events occur We try our best to make sure we have all the shots that we’ve planned with the possibility of surprise throughout the process. We also enjoy the use of drones to put the subject in their setting.

Have you got an idea of the plot in your head prior to shooting?

We make sure to plan the things we’d like to film prior to the shoot. A lot of times , we employ a storyboard artist to aid us in creating a precise outline of what we’re planning goals to accomplish. Of course, when these documentaries there are always changes. The more we prepare the better the story will always be.

How long is it to take a picture?

We’re looking at about 4-5 hours of shooting each Legacy Project with about 2-3 weeks of pre-production and another three or four days of post-production.

What is the budget for each shoot?

The hard costs for our project are between $15-20k per story as of now. This doesn’t even include the time we’ve working on the project or the equipment as we already have the majority of the stories equipment. It’s been a challenge but it’s worth each step of the process.

What’s your post-production process as?

We edit our work in Adobe Premiere CC, and usually grade with FilmConvert which has enabled us to effortlessly to match the footage we’re taking on the ground using the stories footage we’re capturing on our Sony FS7 and the drone footage from aerial photography using the DJI Inspire/X5 camera combination and still maintain a cinematic look for the video. The music we use is diverse in accordance with the mood and tone we’re aiming for in the project (check Filmstro’s catalog of royalty-free songs).

I’ve noticed that I prefer to put the initial assembly together, then adding more pacing to the piece in order to reflect the persona of the person that is being profiling. This is more of a sense of what’s working while pacing through the edit.

What projects for the future do you have in mind?

We are planning to shoot the future Legacy Project in Canada later this year. We are in the pre-production stage as we continue to work on our commercial work which pays the bills.

What do you recommend to youngsters who want to start these types project?

Find an idea that is meaningful to you. your life and go after it! Your heart will fill up in both your creativity and helping others if your project is able to do so.

It’s easy to put good ideas away. If you are able to discover a project that you feel strongly in this will help you stay motivated to work on it and also give you the opportunity to make stories something that will show your clients the person you are as filmmaker. If you discover a project that will assist others in the process this will be way more satisfying!

Every time we release a new project We’re working hard to assist the protagonist of the story achieve their goal or mission. The announcement of our most recent project in Uganda stories Our goal is to help Nalongo create an ongoing clinic so that she can continue to birth babies in a safe way for the women in her village for decades to be. Learn more about ways to assist Nalongo.

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