How to Safely Replace Your MacBook Air Battery

If you’re still using an old MacBook Air, you may want to consider getting a macbook air battery replacement. Apple offers replacement batteries for $129, but there are cheaper options online. If you decide to replace your laptop’s battery yourself, ensure that the seller includes the necessary tools and instructions, so you don’t end up with an exploded battery or fire on your hands.

The first step is to turn off your laptop and unplug it from the wall. Next, you need to remove the screws holding down the bottom cover of the computer with a Phillips screwdriver. That will expose your battery inside its casing.

There are two ways to remove the battery. You can use a flathead screwdriver to pry it out of its casing. You can buy a replacement kit with two metal tabs to pull it out. To install your new battery, place it inside the casing and secure it with screws or metal tabs.

Find the right replacement battery

Keep track of the screws that hold your laptop together so you don’t lose them while replacing the battery. You’ll need to find the right replacement battery for your laptop.

That can be tricky if you’re not sure what kind of battery is installed in your computer, but if you know your laptop’s model number and make, it’s usually possible for someone to help out. Once you’ve found the right replacement battery, remove any screws holding it in place with a Philips screwdriver. You can also look for Cell phone accessories store to buy accessories

That will expose your battery inside its casing. Find the right replacement battery. Keep track of all the screws that hold your laptop together, so you don’t lose them while replacing the battery.

Gather your tools and read the instructions

If you’ve ever had a laptop that’s run out of juice when you need it most, you know what a huge pain it can be. You can’t just plug the computer into an outlet and forget about it. Unlike a desktop with an external power supply, laptops use internal batteries to store energy.

The battery is responsible for powering your computer when you’re using it. It also stores energy so that your laptop can stay powered up even when you’re not using it — so if your computer goes into hibernation mode while you’re away from home, the battery will keep running to preserve its memory.

According to Apple, you shouldgo formacbook air battery replacementevery six to nine months. (The company’s website has more information on how often and how much to charge your battery.) If your laptop isn’t charging properly or there are other problems with your computer’s power source.

Remove the bottom cover from your MacBook Air.

The battery is the heart of your MacBook Air, so it’s important to keep it clean. Dust and dirt can build up over time, and that buildup can prevent your battery from charging properly.

To clean your MacBook Air battery, remove the bottom cover from the laptop and gently wipe off any dust with a cotton swab dampened in rubbing alcohol. If you’re using a Macbook Pro, check out this guide for instructions on removing the bottom cover from your laptop and cleaning its power contacts.

Remove the old battery from your laptop

If you’re removing the battery from a MacBook Air, use a suction cup to remove the glass panel on top of your laptop. Then use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove all of the screws on the bottom of your device. Remove these parts in reverse order, starting with those connected to wires first and working up to the display assembly so that you don’t damage any cables while removing them.

If you’ve never opened up a laptop before, it can be hard to tell if any parts inside are damaged. Check your battery for any dents or cracks near its charger connects to it. That could indicate that the battery has been overcharged or dropped. If there’s no sign of damage on your old battery, then it may just need replacing. cell phone accessories store are

Install the new battery in your MacBook Air

Lift the new battery into place and push it down until you feel it lock into position beneath the keyboard. Put the rest of your MacBook Air’s components back in their original order and secure them with the screws that came with your replacement parts. Turn on your laptop to see if it starts up normally; if so, then congratulations! You’re done!

If your computer doesn’t boot after replacing the battery, you may have another problem. You’ll need to troubleshoot by testing each component individually before replacing it. If you follow these steps and still can’t get your MacBook Air to start up normally, call Apple Support or visit a Genius Bar near you for help.

Replace the bottom cover on your laptop

Take out your MacBook Air’s battery and turn the bottom cover on. To do this, line up the tabs on the bottom cover with their corresponding holes in the laptop’s body. Press down on each tab to ensure it clicks into place, then move on to secure each screw using a Phillips screwdriver.

If the problem is still not fixed, check all your cables to ensure they’re securely connected. If your MacBook Air has an Ethernet cable plugged into it, try removing it and plugging it back in again. Check all the ports on both sides of your laptop and any USB devices you have connected.


In the article above, we learn that macbook air battery replacementis possible for a fraction of the price Apple charges. However, before you go ahead and order a replacement battery for yourself, be sure you know what you’re doing. A faulty battery could cause an explosion or even a fire. Before purchasing one online, ensure the seller includes instructions on installing it. And if you decide to do it yourself, ensure your computer is unplugged.

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