How To Pack Heavy Items For Easy Shipping?

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Whether you ship internationally or domestically, the packaging is an important part of any eCommerce business. Every shipment has to pass through several levels of the supply chain to reach its destination. During travel, it could go through some rough patches that can cause damage to the package. The solution to keeping the main item safe is its robust packaging. It is very important to take proper packaging precautions while you are shipping heavy items.

The heavier items require special attention. Choosing the correct packaging for your product for international shipping from India can make your work easier. The packaging for every shipment should be durable and strong and protect the item against any damage so that it does not fail in transit. Make sure you have proper packaging supplies and suitable tools and technology to lift a heavy item. To avoid damage during shipping,


Important Tips For Packaging And Shipping Heavy Items

While shipping heavy merchandise, the below-mentioned tips will help you make your work easier.

Strong Boxes

When you are shipping a heavy item you should use the strongest type of cardboard box which is a corrugated fiberboard. For heavy items,

strong boxes should be used and opting for a corrugated fiberboard would be a better idea. The corrugated boxes can hold a good load of heavy items. Choose a brand new box instead of using a used box. To provide more strength and protection you can use a double walled cardboard box.

Corrugated cardboard or large-size bubble wrap should be kept at the bottom of the boxes for additional safety.


Sufficiently Spaced

The boxes should be sufficiently spaced to avoid damage during the shipment.

The space left between the items and packaging should be filled up with

cushioning material because heavy items shift easily inside the boxes during transit. Using cushioning material will protect the package from possible damage.


Packaging And Protection

The main motive of packaging is to deliver the items safely without breakage to the customers, which is why using the right packaging is quite important for the safety of the items. .  The thicker wrapping of the items means a lesser risk of damage to the product. It also provides better protection for the items if they topple over during transportation. Do not use crushed paper to fill the space as it will compress and become flat after some time.


Avoid Overloading

Overloading of boxes may break in shipment and lifting them would also not be an easy task. Avoid overloading the box as it will make the box heavy and the chances of dropping a heavy box would be more. Do not stuff all the items in a single box to minimize the cost of shipping. This will have a greater risk of damaging the items. So try for proper distribution of the weight in each box and bring the weight under control.


Weight Management

The proper management of the weight is a must. Always try to put the larger items at the bottom and the smallest at the top as it helps in managing the weight better. Try to make a pyramid of the items. Proper weight management greatly reduces the risk of breaking the shipment due to poor balances of a package.



While cutting the seal of the box with a sharp tool or knife there is more risk of damaging the items in the box. 

Remember to seal all the corners with tape to provide them with more protection. The normal tape used for small boxes would not be enough to hold the larger boxes with heavy items


Packing heavy items for shipping requires careful planning and attention to detail. From choosing the right ecommerce shipping solutions to securing the items properly, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination in good condition. 

By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can help minimize the risk of breakage and ensure a successful delivery experience for your customers. Remember, taking the time to properly pack your heavy items can pay off in the long run, as happy customers are more likely to return for future purchases. While packaging the shipments carefully is important, you must choose a trusted ecommerce shipping solution such as NimbusPost to ensure your shipments aren’t damaged during international shipping from India. 


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