How to draw a speaker stick figure

This experience introduces how to draw a speaker stick figure, hoping to help children who are learning to draw.   

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  • brush
  • the paper


  1. First draw the base of the speaker on the paper
  2. Then draw the bracket for the speaker
  3. Then draw the microphone part of the speaker
  4. Outline the shape of the speaker
  5. Finally, add color to the speaker to complete the drawing of the speaker stick figure


You must be patient when drawing 

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Does the iPhone 8 have dual speakers

  1. iPhone 8 doesn’t have dual speakers
  2. The iphone 8 is the same as before, only the bottom of the phone is the speaker, and the top is just the earpiece. The previous iPhone 7 has two speakers, but the speaker is the same, only one channel. 
  3. But you can use your iPhone and Mac to control AirPlay 2 speakers, or switch between various mobile devices. The phone comes with a speaker at the bottom of the phone, which can be connected to an external speaker.
  4. iPhone 8 is another smartphone created by Apple after the iPhone 7, but the iPhone 8 does not use dual speakers. The iphone 8 is the same as the previous generation. The bottom of the phone is the speaker, and the top is the earpiece.
  5. The iPhone 8 has dual 12-megapixels. The iPhone emphasizes the use of larger and faster photosensitive elements. Video shooting supports 4K 60FPS. The flash has joined the “slow sync technology”, and the front is 7 million pixels. The dual rear cameras of the iPhone 8 focus on machine-learning portrait blur shooting, support 4K video shooting at 60fps, and its graphics sensor adds support for AR technology.

Related content explanation

  1. The loudspeaker is a transducer device that converts electrical signals into acoustic signals, and the performance of the loudspeaker has a great influence on the sound quality. The loudspeaker is the weakest part in the audio equipment, but it is the most important part for the sound effect. There are many types of speakers, and their prices vary widely. Audio electrical energy, through electromagnetic, piezoelectric or electrostatic effects, causes its cone or diaphragm to vibrate and resonate (resonate) with the surrounding air to produce sound.
  2. Low-grade plastic speakers have no sound quality because of their thin cabinets and cannot overcome resonance (there are also some well-designed plastic speakers that are far better than inferior wooden speakers); wooden speakers reduce the sound dyeing caused by cabinet resonance. Sound quality is generally better than plastic speakers.
  3. Usually multimedia speakers are dual-unit two-way design, a smaller speaker is responsible for the output of the mid-high, while the other larger speaker is responsible for the output of the mid-bass. 

What does 12-speaker audio mean

The 12-speaker audio is +12V, which means the positive pole of the 12V power supply

The number of loudspeakers can determine the distribution of sound emission points, more fine, less rough. Generally, the number of speakers in high-end cars is more than that in ordinary models; the installation position of speakers often affects the sound quality of car audio, and the same pair of speakers will produce different effects in different installation positions.

Basic Features

  1. The speaker has two binding posts (two lead wires). When a single speaker is used, the two pins have no distinction between positive and negative polarity. When multiple speakers are used at the same time, the two pins have polarity.
  2. The speaker has a paper cone, which is usually black but also white. 
  3. There are several categories of loudspeaker shapes, such as round, square, and oval.
  4. There is a magnet on the back of the speaker cone, and the external magnetic speaker will feel the magnetism when you touch the magnet with a metal screwdriver; there is no such feeling in the internal magnetic speaker, but there is a magnet inside the shell

Millet phone speaker cleaning

Open Settings, click More Settings, click Speaker Cleanup, and turn on Automatic Cleanup to solve the problem of clearing dust on Xiaomi phone speakers.

Click settings

Open the phone interface and tap Settings.

Click on more settings

Swipe the settings page, find more settings, click more settings

Click on Speaker Cleanup

Find Speaker Cleanup in the options of more settings, click Speaker Cleanup.

Turn on automatic cleaning

Under the speaker cleaning option, find the automatic cleaning, turn on the automatic cleaning, and wait for the phone to automatically clean up. Buy Mobile Phone Insurance NHS Discount Codes

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