Hoverboard for Children: The Best Models at a glance

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best age for kids to use hoverboards will vary depending on a number of factors, including the child’s maturity level, Children need exercise and are always looking to try new things. In addition to inline skates or city scooters or kids Segways UK, hoverboards for children are a new trend in leisure time fun and mobility that has come to the UK. These boards, equipped with an electric motor, allow the youngsters to exercise in the fresh air, to be out and about with friends and are ideal for giving children mobility and at the same time training their sense of balance.

With hoverboards as a new alternative to children’s e-scooters, short distances to school, the park or the playground can be covered very easily. They are very easy to steer once you get the hang of them

Purchase advice: Hoverboard children

  • If you want to buy a hoverboard, you should remember that they are classified as motor vehicles in public spaces and therefore a corresponding driver’s license is required ( moped driver’s license ). This means that the offspring must be at least 14 years old . Many manufacturers state an age of 10 years, which then applies to use on private property.
  • Hoverboards for children are modern miracles of movement, with a powerful electric motor providing power. A lithium-ion battery ensures that the devices can reach speeds of up to 15 km/h . Most boards are equipped with stabilizers and have non-slip treads between the outer axles with their profiled wheels, mostly between 6.5 and 8.5 inches.
  • With safety in mind, stable materials are used for the hoverboards. This high stability allows the boards to carry loads of up to 120 kg. For even more safety, knee and elbow pads and a helmet should always be worn. This protects the rolling offspring when it comes to very uneven or paved paths, tram tracks, or curbs. The weight of the children’s hoverboards is usually between 10 and 15 kg, so they are easy to carry.
  • Features such as a stylish overall design, GPS, lighting, Bluetooth, or integrated speakers make the boards an exciting means of transport for children.
  • When buying a hoverboard, keep in mind that the devices are designed for dry weather. Although the drives are specially protected, wetness can lead to rust in various places and even to short circuits.
  • Which hoverboard children get should also depend on what customer reviews say about the respective models. A look at a hoverboard test can also make the purchase decision easier.

Recommendation for small LED fans

The RCB hoverboard is particularly suitable for small children. A big plus for the offspring are the numerous LEDs that are integrated into different places of the hoverboard. The RCB Hoverboard is up to 12 km/h fast.

A low maximum speed is good for beginners and very young children. Because the faster the e-board gets, the greater the risk of falling. With a little practice, however, the balancing act is quickly mastered.

Hoverboards for children’s test comparison

However, as with all models in our hoverboards for children test comparison, parents should be nearby when the little ones are driving around. Practical: If a break is necessary, mum or dad can also stand on the board, as it is designed for a weight of up to 100 kilos.

We especially recommend the RCB Hoverboard to children who like colorful and lots of LEDs. The advantage for the parents: At around 170 euros, it is the cheapest model in our comparison. If the battery is empty, it can also be easily carried by the parents. At almost eight kilos, the RCB Hoverboard is also the lightest e-board in the children’s hoverboard test comparison.

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