House Warming Ceremony Everything You Need To Know Before Performing Puja

The urge to continue on our Maha Rishi Muni’s teachings and carry out countless rituals is ingrained in our veins. Nobody can ever forget the lessons our ancestors taught us about certain behaviours. Therefore, in order to express our gratitude to the all-powerful God, we lay a lot of emphasis on occasions like House Warming Ceremony.

Using astrological charts, the pandit or priest can calculate Shubh Muharat. All of these rituals, however, are performed to expel bad spirits and purify a recently bought home, a plot of land, or rented property. House warming rituals have been practised in Hindu households for ages. Rituals like the house warming Ceremony are performed for a cause. By jokes or weddings, we are all being persuaded to keep doing these Hindu traditions.

What do Hindu households conduct at a ritual called a “House Warming Ceremony”?

When a family or person moves into a new home, a house warming ceremony is held. Priests told us that a house warming ritual may be performed on any lucky day by looking at astrologers’ charts. The first households to do a House Warming Ceremony were Hindu families in India.

However, Hindu families have been doing house warming ceremonies as part of their traditions for many years. For a very long time, Hindu households have included puja as a component of house warming rites.

Advice before doing a puja

  • Each of these ideas is important and has a purpose. after all house-warming ritual requirements have been followed. All of this counsel is based on Vastu Shastra.
  • To perform a house warming ceremony, one must follow the Shubh Muhurat prescribed by a pandit and his calendar.
  • It is required to keep god idols in the Purv Disha (North East) area. Therefore, in that direction, the temple will be.
  • Cleanse your house so you may use salt water to cleanse the surfaces. The intention behind it all is to banish any bad energy.
  • Since the name of the building is Singh Dwar, which means Vastu Purush’s face, decorate the entryway.
  • The finished Swastika sign may be decorated with a number of items by making rangoli and other patterns on the surface. The rangoli is thought to be the entrance via which the goddess Laxmi enters the house.
  • To purify the air, one must practise Hawan. It is necessary to utilise the herb, Jadi Buti, when it is smoking and burning. As a result, this will make the air clean.

Instructions for a House-warming Ceremony

  • According to Vastu, a house is made up of five components. Earth, water, air, sun, and fire make up this group. Therefore, a better marriage results in a happier environment to live in that new house.
  • This hypothesis states that if one visits a house at the right moment (Shubh Muharat). The family’s life is thus happier and less unpleasant or painful.
  • On better days, you can ask a pandit for a shubh muhurat. to do a pooja for your house. if, like Dash hara, you occasionally enter your home. This day is regarded as one of the nicest days without seeing a chart or entering the new home.
  • There are other days, such as Uttrayan, Shradh, and Holi, that are not advised for house moves.
  • Puja is absolutely necessary for Klash.
  • In Klash, silver coins can be poured. If not, you are welcome to add additional coins.


The House Warming Ceremony includes the same duties, such as cleaning the house. utilising the same idols and putting up decorations. One can execute a small hawan by chanting a mantra (like the Gayatri Mantra or the Navagraha Mantra) 108 times. You can come up with a good excuse to do Satyanarayana Swamy pooja after the puja as well.

Most of the time, we have no idea which mantras may be played recorded mantras for. However, reciting mantras is important because they purge a home of negative energy.

Getting Rid of the Used Item Following the Housewarming Ceremony

These things have already served your Hawan needs. All of these items are valuable, as we all know. If you think about the past, people once threw those items into a ditch, a river, or the sea.

This entire action contaminates the water. It is one of the worst things that could possibly occur to us all. must always be sustainable and keep such water issues at bay. to safeguard environmental resources. You may use all of those recycled materials to make an organic composition or to dry flowers so that more blooms will grow in your yard.

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