Highlights of the Kandima Maldives

Kandima, Feel the beach under your toes. As you tromp along the exclusive white beach sand girdled by fantastic marine life. And blue waters on this remote islet. Syncope with majestic Goliath harpies in the demitasse-clear waters. Or go in hunt of marine turtles and sportful dolphins for a really memorable experience. Enjoy a substantial treatment to rebalance your body and mind at the EsKape Gym. While girdled by the stirring Indian Ocean’s rich leafage. On a remote private islet, enjoy a private romantic mess experience. While harkening to the sounds of the Indian Ocean imbrication. Experience the swell of excitement while engaging in threat- taking conditioning. Like water skiing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, catamaran sailing, and others. 


Review of the Maldives’ Kandima 

appearance Time 200 PM 

Time to Check Out 1100 PM 

Resort position Maldives’ Dhaalu Atoll 


Kandima Maldives Resort Information 

A spectacular trip to the tropical islets is made possible by Kandima Maldives, a famed resort set in the heart of the Indian Ocean’s emerald waters. With time, this position has proven to be a game changing holiday spot that offers sharp islet surroundings with a variety of fantastic cafes and bars, as well as a tonne of amazing possibilities. Discover a world of options from ten distinct caffs and cafés that give tasteful cookery from around the globe. 


Go on a culinary adventure starting at Azure for Mediterranean cookery, also on to Flavour Zest for transnational cookery, Sea Dragon for Asian cookery, and Smoked for excellent meat, fish, and submissive dishes. At the Breeze Pool Bar or Beach Club, quench your thirst with tropical potables while lounging in sharp wickiups deposited above the blue pool. With restorative curatives put away away in the islet’s tropical settings, the esKape Gym offers a

way to detach from reality and distract yourself. Enjoy water sports like vampire surfing, parasailing, windsurfing, snorkelling, and further to indulge yourself and get your heart racing. 


Orders of apartments 

Drink to your particular haven of cool and style, Beach & Sky Studios. Enjoy the ideal edge point of the huge lagoon at Kandima from above the treetops, or take a short perambulation to the sand that’s connected by a yard area. 


Beach Villa with Swirl Pool Located directly on the sand, these ample estates are ideal for beach suckers. These estates have a king- size bed, a lounge bed, rustic balconies at the front with sunbeds, and their veritably own Swirl Pool. They face the islet’s foamy lagoon side. With a king- size bed, a swimming pool, and a beachfront position overlooking the lagoon, the Sunset Beach Pool Villa with Swirl Pool is the ideal place to take in the everlasting lookouts of the Indian Ocean and the most amazing evenings. 


About the Villa’s

A king- size bed, settee bed, rustic balconies at the front with sunbeds, and its veritably own Swirl Pool are all features of the large Sunrise Beach Pool Villa with Swirl Pool, which is located on the beachfront and faces the lagoon. For those looking for the ultimate overwater nest, consider an Aqua Villa, which is perched overwater and has direct access to the lagoon. The ideal view of the extensive lagoon at Kandima is handed by a private

sundeck with sun davenports and a restroom. Those looking for the ultimate overwater holiday should consider Aqua Villas with Swirl Pool. With a private sundeck, Jacuzzi, sun daveports, and a restroom with the ideal view. 


The Honeymoon Aqua Pool Villas feature the topmost seats in the house for spectacular evening viewing because they’re positioned at the veritable tip of the Aqua Villa quay. These apartments feature a huge perpetuity pool, a private overwater sundeck with sun davenports, and a commodious living area with a living area separate from the bedroom. installations Wi- Fi connectivity lets you use a fast internet connection to partake your special moments with your musketeers on social media. Business centre The hostel offers conference apartments for continued meetings while on business. 


Did your apparel come wrinkled in your luggage? 

You should not worry because the W Maldives resort offers laundry service for a fresh figure to make sure you always look put together. Room service Do not feel like leaving your nice comfort and just want to feel it? Take advantage of the 24-hour room service and remain at ease. Other Fresh features include a refrigerator, bathrobe and slippers, a closet, an open- sky shower, plush Chesterfield chairpersons on a private deck, among numerous others. 

Dining – At the resort, there’s a multi-cuisine eatery with top- notch cookers that are ready to spoil your taste kids with tasteful delectables. 

Gym Enjoy a body- relaxing gym experience at a heartiness gym with calming massages and especially named music. 

Recreation and Sports A variety of locales, for a variety of conditioning, including inner and out-of-door games, a state- of- the- art commercial retreat, and much more! 

The resort makes sure that you noway miss a day of drill if you are a health freak. All callers get access to a slice- edge fitness plant and spa. Where they may work out with the rearmost fitness gear.

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