Explain the concept of a vape that uses water

Manufacturers and best vape alike have been constantly on the lookout for methods to enhance the vaping experience for as long as the practise has been popular.

However, when compared to vaping devices, e-liquid hasn’t undergone nearly as much innovation and improvement. While the introduction of nicotine salt e-liquid in the middle of the 2010s was a major improvement, it still wasn’t all that different from traditional e-liquids. Since the only difference between nic salt and freebase nicotine e-liquid is in the formulation, the two are essentially same.

E-liquid innovation has advanced significantly by 2023. A common question among vapers has been whether or not they can use water instead of a traditional vaporizer.

Aquios Labs spent years trying to figure out how to make vapes that could withstand 30% water, and now we’ve collaborated with them to create an astonishing new series of vapes that can.

Is it possible to inhale vaporised water? Aquios Labs’ revolutionary water-based e-liquid makes it possible.

Is It Possible to Vape Water? The Obstacles Are Listed Below

A lot of people have always been curious about the possibility of water vaporisation. However, those who have experimented with water in vape tanks know that standard vaping gear isn’t made for vaping with water.

These are just some of the problems that might arise when water is added to a vape.

  • Water is quite dilute in comparison to e-liquid. Your vape tank’s wick was made to regulate the flow of a considerably thicker juice. The wick will most certainly be soaked through, resulting in a flooded coil and severe leakage. Vaping devices are susceptible to being irreparably harmed in this way.

If you use a regular vape tank with water, you’ll have hot water spit back into your mouth. That’s the worst kind of pain to go through.

  • Water by itself lacks flavour and does not have an effect on the throat. If you can get water into your vaping device without spilling, you’ll find that it’s quite similar to the sensation of taking a deep breath of air. To put it bluntly, vaping water is a terrible experience.

Despite these obstacles, you’ve decided to experiment with creating your own water-based e-liquid by diluting your favourite vape juice with water or mixing nicotine and flavourings directly into the water. Water is a lousy emulsifier, so you’d have to deal with that on top of everything else. The nicotine and flavours are likely to separate from the liquid.

Aquios Labs has developed new technology that allows vaporizer pens to run on water.

In 2023, Aquios Labs’ engineers created the first water-based e-liquid and the tools required to utilise it properly, fulfilling a desire shared by the vaping community for years. Aquios Labs’ AQ30 e-liquid contains 30% water, and new formulas with even higher water percentages are on the way. Because of our expertise in manufacturing and Aquios Labs’ innovation in water-based technology, we’ve collaborated to create water-based vaporizers that do justice to this ground-breaking new e-liquid.

Tobacco industry leaders Innokin and Aquios won the “Biggest Breakthrough Innovation” Golden Leaf Award at the 2023 Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum in September. Tobacco Report and BMJ host an annual ceremony to honour those who have made major contributions to the tobacco and nicotine industries with the Golden Leaf Awards.

Having read all of that, you’re probably wondering: why would anyone want to use a vaporizer that runs on water? Just what advantages do they really provide?

Why Should You Switch to a Vape That Uses Water?

As opposed to traditional tobacco cigarettes, why not try a vaporizer that uses water instead? Some of vaping with a water-based solution include the following.

Do you get dry mouth or a feeling of dehydration when using conventional e-liquid? This is due to the fact that the two main ingredients in vape juice, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, dehydrate the user. The moisture in the vapour causes your mouth to dry up. However, while drinking extra water will help, it may not be enough to completely alleviate the dry mouth associated with vaping. It is best to use a water-based e-liquid to assist bring back the natural pH level in your mouth.

  • E-liquid made from water is far less harsh than regular vape juice. You may discover that switching to a water-based e-liquid alleviates throat irritation and greatly improves the vaping experience if you regularly encounter it.

Since water has no flavour of its own, e-liquids made from water have a far more authentic taste. However, experienced vapers can easily distinguish between the flavours of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Water-based e-liquids vaporise at lower temperatures than conventional e-liquids; the flavours of VG and PG may overpower the flavours of your e-liquid. Vaping at a lower temperature produces a softer, more pleasant vapour. The battery can last longer and the coil can last longer if you vape at lower temperatures.

Innobar’s New Water-Based Vape Pens

Knowing everything there is to know about water-based vaping, you should check out the amazing new Innobar range of vaping devices that Innokin has developed in collaboration with Aquios Labs.

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