Expert’s Guide to Personnel Management | Objectives, Significance and Functions

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What Do You Understand By “Personnel Management”?

It is an administrative function in an organisation that takes care of hiring. Additionally, it also works on developing employees to be more valuable to the company. It is the sub-category of human resources. The only difference is that it focuses on the administrative part. At the same time, the human resource takes about other things along with administration. It evaluates the hiring process and gains insight into employee satisfaction. The main aim of it is the effective utilisation of the staff. It is so that it may continue to survive and achieve its goals.

It entails ensuring that the company’s salary and benefit plans promote success. The fundamental functions of personnel management include manpower planning, recruitment, training, and development.

What Are the Types of “Personnel Management”?

Personnel management works based on its three essential fields. It includes three types strategic, tactical and operational. A brief description of these three is given below:-

  • Tactical – It is the type of management that focuses more on administrative planning. It includes how to schedule current staff. Additionally, it also includes a prediction of the amount of staff necessary to fill in the positions in the short and long term.
  • Operational– It takes care of the daily duties of human resource management. It handles the basic needs of new employees. It includes equipment and passwords to company technology etc.
  • Strategic –It focuses on how to support the staff members of an organisation. It includes planning current and future strategies, such as determining recruitment policies. It also looks after all the training for the employees to grow within the organisation.

What Is the Scope of “Personnel Management”?

At first, the growth of personnel management was limited. But the development of business in various fields leads to an increase in its scope. Following are a few pointers that emphasise the scope of “personnel management”.

  • It plays a fundamental role in determining personnel management
  • To determine the method of placement, promotion, recruitment, and training
  • To determine the salary system and conditions of employment
  • It deals with Executive development.

What Are the Objectives of “Personnel Management”?

Personnel management is one of the vital aspects of the business. There are many objectives that personnel management takes care of in a business. Below are a few objectives of it an organisation:-

  • The fundamental aim of personal management is maintaining updated personnel data.
  • The creation of employment opportunities in an organisation
  • Focus on improving the productivity of the organisation
  • To ensure the mental satisfaction of employees for a healthy work environment
  • Creating a dedicated and competent team of workers by hiring
  • To promote organisation friendly attitude among workers

What Is the Nature of “Personnel Management”?

It plays an essential role in the existence of an organisation. It takes care of the hiring and ensures a healthy work environment. Following are the fundamental pointers for describing the nature of Personnel management:-

  • Handling employment, and the development of employees in the business. The personnel management oversees it, consulting with other departments as necessary
  • It helps to make the staff graph up to their potential of performing well in a company
  • It motivates employees through its incentive plans to ensure their cooperation

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What Is the Role of a “Personnel Manager”?

There are a few responsibilities of a personnel manager to ensure a smoother workflow.

  • A personnel manager assists the people of the management. These include people who decide and frame the primary policies of the organisation
  • He acts as a staff advisor and helps the line managers with personnel-related issues
  • The personnel manager acts as a counselor by attending to the issues and complaints of the staff and offering advice.
  • He/she makes every effort to find solutions
  • They act as a linking pin between the manager and workers
  • In educational initiatives, he represents the corporation

What Are the Functions of “Personnel Management”?

There are a few basic functions of personnel management in business management;

  • To adopt a suitable wage system for the employees
  • It is to create policies for recruitment selection and job determination for the employees
  • Majorly, ensures the education and training of the employees
  • One of the functions is to  study job evaluation, job distribution, and job analysis in an organisation for smoother working
  • Make sure to maintain the smooth working of public relations.
  • Its main aim is to maintain all the relevant accounts of employees in a business.

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What Is the Difference Between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management?

Personnel and human resource management may appear to be similar but slightly different. The following are the reasons that determine the difference between them:-

  • Personnel management is the traditional approach to managing people. Human resource is the modern approach
  • Personnel management assumes people as an asset for producing the desired output. HRM considers people to be valuable resources for the company
  • Personnel function aims for employee satisfaction. HRM aims for goal achievement.
  • Personnel management is concerned with the personal manager. HRM focuses on managers from top to bottom
  • Personnel management is a routine function, and HRM is strategic

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