Choosing Lease Copier vs. Photocopier Rental Service

Copier and photocopier services can be confusing, especially when it comes to deciding which is right for you. Do you lease a copier or go for Photocopier Rental? Is there a difference between the two? If so, what is it? These questions might seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ll explain the differences between leasing a copier and renting a photocopier, as well as provide tips on which service you should choose. So read on and make sure you have all the information necessary to decide which service is best for your needs.

What is a lease copier?

A Lease Copier is a type of photocopier that is leased, rather than purchased outright. This can be a more cost-effective option for businesses that do not want to invest in a photocopier outright, or for businesses that only need a photocopier on a short-term basis. However, it is important to remember that leasing a photocopier does not come without its own set of costs and considerations.

What is a photocopier rental?

A photocopier rental is a service that allows you to lease a photocopier for a specified period of time. This can be useful if you need a photocopier for a short-term project or event, but do not want to purchase one outright. Photocopier rentals typically include all maintenance and repair costs, so you do not have to worry about unexpected expenses. When choosing a photocopier rental service, be sure to compare pricing and terms carefully to find the best deal.

The pros and cons of each service

There are a number of things to consider when deciding whether to lease or rent a photocopier. Below we outline the pros and cons of each option:

Lease Copier:


-You will own the machine outright at the end of the lease term.

-Monthly payments are generally lower than rental payments.

-You may be able to claim tax deductions on your lease payments.


-You may have to make a sizeable down payment up front.

-If you cancel your lease early, you may have to pay hefty termination fees.

-Leases usually have strict terms and conditions that must be adhered to.

Photocopier Rental:


-There is no long-term commitment – you can return or upgrade the machine at any time.

-Rental payments are often more flexible than lease payments.

-You don’t have to worry about maintenance or repair costs – these are usually included in the rental agreement.


-You will never own the machine outright – you will only ever make ‘use’ payments.

– Monthly rental payments can sometimes be higher than lease payments

Which service is right for you?

If you’re considering leasing or renting a photocopier, there are several things you need to take into account in order to decide which service is right for you. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. How often do you need to use the photocopier? If you only need to use it occasionally, then renting might be the better option. However, if you need to use it on a regular basis, then leasing would be more cost-effective in the long run.
  2. How much money are you willing to spend? Both leasing and renting have their own associated costs. Leasing generally has higher upfront costs, while renting tends to have lower monthly payments. You’ll need to decide which option best fits your budget.
  3. What kind of features do you need? Photocopiers can come with a variety of features, from basic copying and scanning capabilities to more advanced options like automatic document feeders and duplex printing. Make sure you know what features you need before making a decision.
  4. Are you willing to commit long-term? When you lease a photocopier, you’re typically committed to using it for at least two years. Renting gives you more flexibility since you can return the machine at any time (although there may be early termination fees).
  5. What’s the reputation of the company? When choosing between leasing or rental companies, be sure to research each one thoroughly.

How to compare lease copier and photocopier rental services

When you are ready to compare lease copier and photocopier rental services, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First, consider the length of time you need the machine. If you only need it for a short-term project, then a rental may be the best option. However, if you need the machine on an ongoing basis, then leasing may be a better option.

Next, think about your budget. Photocopier rentals can be very expensive, so if you have a limited budget, then leasing may be a better option. However, if you have more flexibility in your budget, then renting may be the way to go.

Finally, consider the features that you need from your machine. Some leases come with additional features like maintenance and toner refill services, while others do not. Make sure to read the fine print carefully so that you know what is included in your lease agreement.


Copier leasing and photocopier rental services can provide businesses with the equipment they need to operate efficiently. Copier lease agreements generally offer more flexibility, allowing you to upgrade your copiers as technology changes, while photocopier rental services may have lower upfront costs. It is important for businesses to weigh their options carefully before choosing which service fits those best. Ultimately, the decision should be based on budget constraints and business needs.

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