Blue World City Sports Valley Block


The Blue World City Islamabad is working hard by adding new and unique residential sectors to attract more investors. As evident from the name, this sector would enable its residents to enjoy healthy activities. The residents who are looking forward to have sports facilities should go for this.

Location & Map

This particular sector has a fascinating space, where a lot of other prominent destinations are near to it. It remains the most appealing aspect that attracts the majority of investors for which the developers are also trying to bring in feasible investment opportunities for the residents of the twin cities. The site of this sector is near to main Defense Road, so the accessibility to this sector would be smooth. There would also be M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway near to it, where residents would have an easy access to travel in Motorway.


A lot of real estate venture need to have some world class facilities, so that Investors are mesmerized. Some of the main features of this sector are as following:

Largest Cricket Stadium

The owners of this housing project want to promote cricket among the residents. So, they have plans to develop one of the biggest cricket stadiums in the country. Such huge stadium has a huge potential to host local and international cricket matches. Such feature would be helpful in attracting those people too, who don’t belong to this housing project. The residents would truly have a lifetime experience in terms of witnessing sport events.

Blue Mosque

The developers of this housing project also aim to cater to the religious needs of their residents. But even for that, they are trying their best to construct beautiful religious infrastructures. For instance, a Blue Mosque is being planned, which would not only cater to worshippers but also a center of attraction. That particular mosque would be completely similar to Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, which is also among the huge mosques of the globe.

Villaggio Mall

The entire housing block apart from providing sports facilities also would comprise of some shopping Complexes. One of them would be Villaggio Mall, which would have smart features. This mall would comprise of some would class brands, especially some luxurious designer brands. The residents would also get a chance to construct their corporate offices within this mall.

Torch Hotel

In order to cater to hospitality, and dining industry, the owners are planning to construct a huge Torch Hotel. The entire hotel is going to have marvelous features with high end living lifestyle. This hotel would have an elite infrastructure, which normally people witness in other countries. A quality and lavish infrastructure has a potential to attract dozen of investors.

Commercial Sector

The developers behind Blue World City Sports Valley are also planning to work on commercial ventures, so that residents become financially independent. So, this block has potential to get more of commercial investment with different retail centers and shopping complexes around. The in willing to make the residents finically independent. For this reason, the entire block offers huge commercial investment opportunities to their investors at more reasonable rates. Furthermore, as owners are constantly keen to offer everyone with some world class condition, the commercial area would be fulfilling that purpose. Above all, numerous plot sizes would be available on the basis of affordability factor. So, development of this block would be a lucrative real estate investment.

Open Air Gymnasium

There would also be an open-air gymnasium that would with have the plan to provide best lifestyle to all investors. Apart from that, future inhabitants would achieve their fitness aims by utilizing this facility. Such huge gym would be providing a lot of possible facilities to the one coming here. Such huge facility ensures that all investors would have quality time and healthy lifestyle along with their loved ones.

Hockey Ground

The developers are planning to establish huge hockey fields to encourage the residents to enjoy the national sport. The vast majority of the citizens would utilize hockey grounds to meet their sports goals.

Recreational Parks

There would be huge recreational parks in the entire block that would enable residents to enjoy their daily routine of exercise . Apart from that, the investors would be having a blissful and close to the nature living experience in the entire block. Such huge investment would help in attaining fitness-friendly goals.


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