Best Mobile Brands in Pakistan

Smartphone have become a necessary part of modern life. We can see that rich or poor everyone has a smartphone to fulfill their communication needs. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, smartphones make our lives very easy.

The mobile phone market in Pakistan is growing rapidly and several Smartphone brands are launching their mobiles with great features and affordable price ranges. Pakistan has a large market of local and international mobile phone brands ranging from low and mid range smartphones to high ranges. Here in this article, we will talk about the best mobile brands, with their outstanding features and mobile prices in Pakistan.

Best Mobile Brands in Pakistan:

Here is the list of best mobile brands in Pakistan where you can find the best one for you and explore these brands’ mobile prices in Pakistan.

1, Apple:

Apple can be summed up in two words: “The Best”. Apple is one of the most popular smartphone brands that has a strong position in the market. It is the world’s seventh-largest smartphone manufacturer that is famous for iPhones. Additionally, Apple mobile phones have powerful processors and hardware. People are familiar with its most popular iPhones. People all over the world adore Apple iPhones, and whenever its latest model is launched, everyone goes crazy for it. In terms of features, every latest Apple iPhone model has new innovative features and newly developed applications.

2. Samsung:

Samsung is a top largest and most trusted mobile phone seller brand in Pakistan. It is one of the most popular brands among the people of this country. The brand launched a large number of mobile phones with the latest features and functions for all kinds of consumers. They differ in looks, memory, camera, speed, battery life, and their performance. Since Samsung smartphones have the best RAM and memory, many people use them for business purposes.

3. Xiaomi:

Xiaomi is also the top best brand used in Pakistan. It is a Chinese multinational electronics firm that started its journey in 2011 and has been making high-quality smartphones ever since. Xiaomi smartphones are very well-known in Pakistan due to their Mi, Redmi, and Mi Note series which are commonly used in Pakistan and have excellent features at affordable prices. It is the most reliable smartphone company that offers exclusive products at a reasonable price range. Explore Xiaomi mobile prices in Pakistan.

4. Realme:

Realme is a Shehzan-based Chinese mobile brand but nowadays it is the top-selling brand in Pakistan due to its smartphones. It starts its journey in with the release of Realme 1, which was a big success at that time. Recently, the brand has gained rapidly increasing market shares and has become one of the best-selling mobile phone brands in the world. Realme is known for producing a wide range of smartphones in an affordable price range for all types of consumers.

5. Oppo:

Oppo is another famous Chinese mobile brand in Pakistan, that is famous for its mobiles with the latest features and selfie cameras. It has launched various series of smartphones in Pakistan including the A series, Reno series, F series, Find X series, etc. Oppo introduced selfie-oriented smartphones which are widely used in Pakistan and their annual sales are around 10 million units per year.

6. Huawei:

Another valuable addition to the best mobile phone brand in Pakistan is Huawei. Huawei has introduced its best smartphones in Pakistan with advanced technology and the best features. You will find revolutionary technology in Huawei smartphones. Huawei is also the largest telecom infrastructure company in the world. Moreover, the Huawei mobile company provides users with amazing features, including Wi-Fi, GPS, and many other essential elements.

7. Vivo:

VIVO is one of the top mobile brands in Pakistan and is a famous mobile phone brand that was launched in 2009 and is located in Dongguan, China. It is a trusted brand in the market for its fast-processing smartphones that are high quality, reliable, and impressively fast. The brand provides amazing features like an in-display fingerprint sensor, compass magnetometer, proximity sensor, and many other essential features. Find out the Vivo mobile prices in Pakistan.

8. TECNO Mobile:

The Hong Kong-based famous mobile phone and electronic brand due to its latest smartphones at a reasonable price range. It is one of the most trusted and popular mobile companies in Pakistan that provides a wide range of smartphones and feature mobiles for all types of users. The pricing of this company’s mobile phones is reasonable, and a lot of smartphones are sold each year in Pakistan.

9. Infinix:

Infinix has also made its place among the best mobile brands in Pakistan for its latest smartphones and affordable price range. It is a Hong Kong-based company that launched in 2012 and has recently gained popularity in Pakistan and its best mobile series includes Note, Hot, Zero, Smart, etc. Infinix smartphones are the best phones in terms of quality and performance.

10. Lenovo:

Lenovo is also one of the top-selling smartphone brands in Pakistan today. This mobile phones are popular in Pakistan for their reliability and performance and their sales are high due to their low price. Lenovo has introduced its best smartphones in Pakistan with the latest technology, amazing features, and functions.

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