best dermatologist in Abu Dhabi
best dermatologist in Abu Dhabi

Tattoos: How to Remove Them Using Lasers

It provides answers to readers with tattoos who are interested in beginning laser hair removal treatments will gain clarity regarding any queries or concerns they may have. We offer best in industry products and services for best dermatologist in Abu Dhabi.

Can I start the laser hair removal process after I’ve already had a tattoo?

I have a tattoo; would it prevent me from getting laser hair removal?

In the event that you do not currently have a tattoo, does hair grow over the tattoo?

Is Permanent Hair Removal Using a Laser and Getting Tattoos Compatible?

If you have tattoos and are considering beginning a laser hair removal treatment but are unsure whether or not the two are compatible, we will inform you in this blog post whether or not they are compatible so that you can have all of your questions answered and put your mind at ease.

We believe that one in every eight persons in the globe have at least one tattoo. And the proportion of people who have one or more tattoos increases dramatically between the ages of 18 and 29. It is for this reason that one of the most common questions that people ask is whether or not can remove tattoos with laser hair removal. Keep reading.

Is Permanent Hair Removal Using a Laser and Getting Tattoos Compatible?

If I already have a tattoo, can I still have laser hair removal?

The correct response is “no.” The process of removing unwanted hair with a laser works by stimulating the dark pigmentation of melanin, which then destroys the hair follicle. If we use the laser on the tattooed region. It assumes that the colors of the tattoo are dark pigments that it needs to activate. As a result, it will burn the skin without getting rid of the hair and damage the tattoo.

The laser, on the other hand, is capable of removing up to 75% of the ink from the tattoo, meaning that it will not only burn your skin but also damage the tattoo.

I Have a Tattoo; Would It Prevent Me from Getting Laser Hair Removal?

If you already have a tattoo and want to begin or touch up laser hair removal near the area, you can perform the treatment by covering the tattoo with gauze and applying the laser around it at a distance of 1 to 2 centimeters for effective removal without the risk of damaging the tattoo. This will allow you to remove hair effectively without the risk of damaging the tattoo.

Hair Removal Treatments

Tweezing and waxing are just two of the many hair removal treatments that may use on top of a tattoo to get the desired result of removing hair from the area.

Do not be concerned if you do not currently have a tattoo. You won’t encounter any difficulties in getting started with the laser hair removal procedure. If you are considering getting a tattoo. You should begin the treatment as soon as possible to stop hair from developing in the surface. This will help to maintain the tattoo cleaner and more noticeable.

Are You Able to Grow Hair Over the Tattoo?

Because the needle and ink used in the process are unable to reach and harm the hair roots, the answer is yes.


What Would the Laser Removal Treatment Process Be Like? Do I Have to Make an Appointment?

At Tattoo Cleaners it would be by appointment and the process would be as follows.

First Visit

During the visit, will assess the tattoo and the skin, will indicate the budget, will resolve doubts about the treatment and will carried the skin sensitivity test out to the laser, if there are no contraindications.

After 24 hours after the test, if there is no unusual reaction, you can start the treatment itself.

2. The Laser Removal Session

The laser would pass over the surface of the tattoo. In most cases, in the first sessions, you will be able to observe the characteristic frosting on the skin (white dots on the surface of the tattoo), it is a temporary effect that disappears after a few minutes and the tattoo returns to its usual color. Once the session is complete, an antibacterial ointment cure will apply and an occlusive cure will apply to protect the treated area.

4. Post-Session Care

After the laser removal session, the client will follow some simple care and cures at home, with a specific antibacterial and regenerating ointment.

5. Results

The effect of the session is not usually visible until 3 weeks after the session.

In some cases, clients observe that some points of the tattoo have cleared up even in the first days, generally they tend to be in the case of shallow tattoos and/or with a good metabolic response from their body.

6. Next Session

The next session would be about 5-6 weeks after the previous one.

How Many Sessions Are Necessary to Remove the Tattoo?

It is not feasible to determine an exact number of sessions as they vary in each case and person, according to the factors that we will detail below, but as a guide the average would be as follows:

  • A professional black ink tattoo with adequate depth usually requires: 6-12 sessions with the Q-switched laser and 5-10 sessions with the second laser.
  • A superficial amateur tattoo usually needs: 1-4 sessions.
  • Permanent makeup, micropigmentation or microblading: 1-4 sessions
  • Facial tattooing of eyebrows or lips: 1-5 sessions


If you have recently had a tattoo and have noticed an increase in hair development in the region. It is best to wait until the tattoo has completely healed before shaving or otherwise removing the hair. You won’t suffer any harm to your skin if you do it this manner.

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