An important guide for UAE embassy attestation services

What is UAE embassy attestation services?

UAE embassy attestation services are a type of authentication service offered by the UAE government. They provide certification of documents for use in the UAE and can be used for business or personal purposes. The UAE embassy offers a few different attestation services, each with its purpose.

One of the most common types of attestation services offered by the UAE embassy is document certification. This service is used to certify that a document is genuine and has been issued by a legitimate source. This is important for businesses that need to verify the authenticity of documents, such as contracts or licenses. Document certification can also be used for personal documents, such as birth certificates or marriage licenses.

Another type of attestation service offered by the UAE embassy is called notarization. This service is used to certify the contents of a document. This is important for documents that need to be notarized to be valid, such as deeds or powers of attorney. Notarization can also be used for documents that will be used in court, such as affidavits.

The UAE embassy attestation also offers authentication services. This service is used to verify that a document is valid and has been signed by a legitimate.

Some document need for attestation

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How to get degree certificate attestation ?

There are many reasons why someone might need to get their degree certificate attested. In some cases, it may be required for employment or visa purposes. In other cases, it may be necessary for academic reasons. Whatever the reason, a few steps need to be followed to get a degree certificate attestation.

The first step is to contact the Registrar’s Office at the university where the degree was obtained. They can provide the necessary paperwork and may even do the attestation themselves. They can guide them where to go next if they still need to.

The next step is to take the paperwork to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They will need to see the original degree certificate and the university’s documentation. Once everything has been approved, they will stamp and sign the documents.

The final step is to take the documents to the embassy or consulate of the country where the degree will be used. They will need to see the documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the original degree certificate. They will stamp and sign the documents and then be ready to use.

Benefits of attestation

There are many benefits to attestation. These benefits include providing investors with greater assurance, protecting against fraudulent activities, and increasing transparency.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, attestation can also help organizations to benchmark their performance against industry norms, identify potential improvements, and make more informed decisions.

Furthermore, attestation can help organizations to build and maintain public trust, which is essential for any organization that wants to be successful.

Overall, the benefits of attestation are numerous and can be extremely helpful for organizations of all sizes.

List of documents needed for attestation

There are a few documents you will need to have your documents attested. The first is your original document, as well as a copy. You will also need a passport-sized photo and your application form.
You will need to submit your application form to the appropriate authorities, along with your original document and copy. Your passport photo will be placed on your application form.

The authorities will review your application and documents, and if everything is in order, they will stamp and sign your document. Once your document has been attested, you must submit it to the final institution.

Process of degree certificate attestation

You should get your degree certificate attested for many reasons. Maybe you’re applying for a job that requires it, or you’re going to be moving to another country. Whatever the reason, the process is usually the same. Here’s what you need to know about getting your degree certificate attested.

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First, you must get your degree certificate authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This can be done by going to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and submitting your certificate. Once your certificate has been authenticated, you can take it to the embassy or consulate of the country you’re moving to. They will then attest your certificate and issue you with a new one.

The process of degree certificate attestation can seem daunting, but it’s quite simple. Make sure you have all the required documents, and you should be ready to go.


In conclusion, the guide below can be helpful when attesting UAE embassy documents. It includes information on the procedures for attesting documents, including the use of an external examiner and advice on ensuring the document is authentic.

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