All Time Essential BMW Carbon Fiber Accessories for your Supercar

You are driving an astounding model of the renowned brand BMW, well known to everyone for their unmatched performance and high safety measures. It offers great comfort and an appealing design with numerous elements of highlight. In addition to the pre-installed parts with traditional designs, you must explore the exclusive ranges of aftermarket parts for improved aesthetics and boosted power upgrades. They can increase the longevity of your existing parts and can increase the overall functionality of your supercar. The BMW carbon fiber parts also ensure enhanced safety and more smooth riding experience for everyone. Here are a few accessories that are becoming essentials for many supercar owners

Important accessories for supercars    

Custom steering wheel

Having a custom steering wheel ensures improved grip and control over your BMW F10 and other high performance cars. Being designed to fit the shape and size of your hands perfectly, it enhances comfort and offers a superior driving experience. Special features such as improved audio and navigation controls can also be added to them for your convenience. Moreover, it also adds a personalized touch to the car’s interiors. 

Door light projectors

Door light projectors display a logo or design onto the ground when the door is opened. They also make it easier to locate in a crowded parking lot. They can also be used as a safety feature, helping to alert pedestrians and other drivers to the presence of an open door during dark. Moreover, they add a cool and luxurious aesthetic to your supercar. 

Mirror caps 

Mirror caps are mostly believed to be a decorative element and enhance your car’s aesthetics. They mark a style statement by matching the exteriors perfectly or offering a great contrast as per the taste of the owner. Against the common myths, these BMW carbon fiber caps have practical functionality too. They act as a protective layer around the actual mirror which is highly prone to road debris and accidents. They can also improve visibility by reducing glare and reflection, making them highly useful on rainy and sunny days. 

Pedal shifters

Pedal shifters work best when made from lightweight material since they are easy to handle and can be easily switched to. They offer a more precise and responsive shifting to achieve optimal performance from the car. When made from carbon fiber, they have a sleek and stylish appearance which is becoming a popular choice for F10 BMW enthusiasts.  

Rear spoiler

They are aerodynamics devices that help to increase the downforce on rear wheels and keep the car intact. This improves traction and stability even when racing at high speeds. While fixed spoilers are permanently attached to the car’s body, adjustable spoilers can be adjusted to suit different driving conditions. Many consider them as a sporty and luxurious addition to the traditional designs. 

Emblem roundel

The emblem roundel is often used on cars as a way to identify the make and model of the vehicle. It can be used to add a touch of style and personality to the car. For many, it gives their car a unique element that makes it stand out. It is widely sold as BMW F10 accessories in aftermarket stores. 

Headlight trim

The main use of headlight trim is to upgrade the aesthetics of the car and act as a barrier to protect the headlights from potential impacts. Being reflective in nature, they also improve the overall lighting of your BMW supercars.


Installing these BMW carbon fiber accessories are becoming essential as they upgrade the design of the cars along with high practical functionality. They are used to improve stability, performance and safety while offering you a premium driving experience.

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