Aesthetics Pro Online vs AdvancedMD: Everything you need to know!

soAn electronic medical record called AestheticsPro EMR has several valuable features like a real-worth system, business models, care software items, human resources, and scheduling. Online access to them is permitted by HIPAA regulations (HIPAA). Because the human resources management system can manage time and attendance, payroll, promotions, and employee suggestions, integration with AestheticsPro Online EMR is simple. Users of this scheduling tool are more productive and can save time.  For both Windows and Mac operating systems, AdvancedMD is web-compatible. It is accessible on any device with an iOS and Android app. This electronic health record (EHR) integrates software designed primarily for physical therapy, mental health, healthcare organizations, and solo settings. With the help of this software, you may work from any location while managing your entire organization. That, too, is from a single platform, log-in, and database. Your employees can easily document, manage duties, compare data, and report for effective use of MACRA. All thanks to its continuous integration of your medical and business systems.  

AestheticsPro Online 

A HIPAA-compliant and secure platform to manage electronic medical records is provided by the medical spa management software solution known as AestheticsPro. You can use the over 40 reports and 500 configurable forms in the E-Record library to efficiently run your business and provide your customers with online booking and a client portal. This AestheticsPro customer may manage staff and client appointments with its limitless calendars. As you know AestheticsPro allows users to set automatic email confirmations and track employee hours to improve scheduling activity. 

AestheticsPro Features 

Ease of Use 

Creating unique patient records for each patient is made more accessible by the AestheticsPro Online EMR. Thanks to this software, you can frequently give your genuine customers more fabulous service. One can start a brand-new timetable or use one of the many available templates. 


The AestheticsPro EMR’s charting feature streamlines the process of keeping track of critical patient data. You can use this option to narrow down the configuration that best meets your needs and begin creating your ideal setup. You can quickly add new patient health records by using this tool. The ability of the AestheticsPro Online EMR program to cut down on time needed for administrative tasks like data entry has been tremendously welcomed. 

Digital Prescribing 

Medical professionals, including doctors and pharmacists, can use AestheticsPro Online EMR’s digital prescription service. With the aid of medical specialists, medication administration can be enhanced in terms of timing and accuracy. Users of the system place high importance on the AestheticsPro Online EMR’s ability to communicate complaints securely. 

AestheticsPro Pricing 

Since different medical plans provide different advantages, their fees vary. AestheticsPro Online EMR has three price tiers: New Solo Provider Edition for $125, Enterprise Edition for $185, and Enterprise Plus Edition for $245. Regardless of the payment tier one selects customers who have used AestheticsPro Online EMR say the service is highly recommended due to its many features. 

AestheticsPro Reviews 

Simple screens make the product simple to use. Automated customer appointment confirmations are simple to plan and view. For the convenience of use for the user and the client as well as for fast invoice production that may be emailed instantly, POS systems are directly integrated into the software. Videos for training are useful, but they don’t always provide the answers you need. The response time for emails is lengthy. 

AdvancedMD EMR  

Healthcare practitioners may easily handle patient billing and data thanks to AdvancedMD, a cloud-based patient management resource. It uses the cloud hosting platform provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which guarantees a quick and easy system. The Advanced Electronic Medical Record software is at the top of the list for the best medical billing software of 2022. All thanks to its unique features, providers can adapt the program to their needs. The AdvancedMD EHR is a net-based patient management platform that enables sources to process all patient data and billing on a single piece of software. Through the use of this incredible software, providers can also choose to schedule visits and chart patient information. 

AdvancedMD Key Features 

Handwriting Recognition 

Oftentimes, a doctor’s handwriting is difficult to read or jumbled. This program can read and convert some of the trickiest handwriting into text, which is very helpful for prescribing information. 


AdvancedMD EHR can quickly acquire and transfer large amounts of patient and medical data across the system when used by healthcare professionals. The platform’s point-and-click interfaces are straightforward yet flexible, making it simple for doctors to use. 

Patient Oriented 

Serving the needs of the patient is the main focus of the application. The product’s core focus is on offering the greatest level of care for patient groups, from patient portals to individualized medical plans. 

AdvancedMD Pricing 

The software does not share its pricing on the website. It can only be obtained via a custom quote. Users who are interested can contact the vendor and get a budget. 

AdvancedMD Reviews 


Customizable: More than 65% of respondents expressed satisfaction with the system’s add-on customizations. 

Integration: Of the 10% of reviews, 85% said the system worked well with their other medical software applications. 


Functionality: Despite the system’s extensive feature list, 67% of evaluations complained about its lack of usability. 

Implementation: According to more than 80% of user reviews, it lacks enough implementation help and has a challenging learning curve. 

Price: Of the consumers who mention the price in their reviews, more than 90% were dissatisfied with the system’s expensive price and said it was not worth the money due to hidden costs. 

Customer service: According to 65% of customer reviews, contacting customer service was challenging. 

Final Thoughts 

Both AestheticsPro and AdvancedMD are the two most used EHRs. But they offer different capabilities and pricing. It depends on the needs of your practice and which tool is more suitable. So invest after taking a demo of both, so you are familiar with the software. 


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