9anime Video File Cannot Be Played Error?

Fix 1: Switch your network

here is a fix for 9anime Error Code 233011

You can use 9anime with an alternative internet connection.

This will allow you to determine if the problem is with your internet or another source.

You can either use the neighbor’s or your house’s alternative wifi, or your mobile hotspot.

Fix 2: Disable Low Data Mode

You should make sure that your phone does not have the low data mode if you use mobile data to access 9anime.

You can disable low data mode on your phone and then try again.

Fix 3: Check For Updates

Check that your phone and the 9anime app have no pending firmware/software upgrades.

Consider installing any pending updates to your device or the 9anime application. They may also trigger this error.

Fix 4: Clear 9anime app cache

  • Hold the 9anime app icon.
  • Tap App Info.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Clear the cache and data one at a time.

Fix 5: Disable your VPN And Ad Blockers

Use 9anime only if you have a VPN.

Some VPNs may not be compatible with 9anime.

Make sure that you’re not using an Ad Blocker extension or any other similar browser extension. You should disable them if you are using Ad Blocker or similar browser extensions.

Fix 6: Disable Battery Saver Mode

The battery-saver mode limits many app and device functions, which can lead to several errors.

If Battery Saver Mode is enabled on the phone, you might consider disabling it to see if the error persists.

Fix 7: Change Server in 9anime

This error can be applied to specific episodes or videos. You may try switching to another server to see if the video is still working.

9anime allows users to stream from four different servers Vidstreaming (Vidcloud), SteamSB (SteamSB), and Streamtape.

To test if it works, you can switch to another server.

Fix 8: Switch Browser

You can try changing the browser to see if it helps.

If you’re using Chrome, then switch to Firefox.

Fix 9: Ensure your date & time settings are correct

Check the date and time settings on your device to ensure that it is correct.


Fix 10: Reinstall the 9anime app

  • Remove the 9anime app.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Then, go to the app store and reinstall 9anime.

What are the Reasons for the Error codes 224003, 102630, and 232011?

  • Error code 224003 or 224002: The media player has a problem with decoding a file within the browser.
  • Error code 102630: This error can be displayed on JW Player or when it is embedded in Firefox browser. It indicates that the player could not find any source file to be played.
  • Error code 232011 or 232001: Slow streaming video on the internet can be a result if the JW player finds network problems or the connection is lost while playing the video due to technical difficulties.
  • Cookies and cache data: Your browser accumulates cookies and cache data every time you visit any website on the internet. Due to this, you might find your videos with audio-video sync issues.
  • Other reasons: Some of the other common reasons for video cannot be played error are Outdated browser, unnecessary browser extensions, etc.

For error code 102630

Some extensions prevent popups and advertisements from the browser, and don’t allow you to play certain videos. These extensions, such as popup blocker or online security (antivirus), might block your video from streaming.

When your browser cannot find or load a video, it will display “The video file cannot be played error code 1022630″ or ” The file isn’t playable – (0xc10100be) error code. To fix the problem, delete any extensions that block ads or pops.

Extensions from chrome

  • Click on the menu icon to choose Settings
  • Select Extensions from the left column
  • Now, identify the extension you wish to disable and click on the toggle button

To disable extension on Microsoft Edge

  • Choose the menu option at the top left
  • Select Extensions in the dropdown
  • Next, locate the extension that you wish to delete and disable it

Remove extension from Firefox

  • Click the menu icon
  • Choose the Addons option in the dropdown
  • Look for online security add-ons or popup blockers in the list and click the toggle button to disarm them

This will help you to fix the error video file cannot play error.

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Apart from the above steps, you can also fix the error by switching to a different network. Probably a better network connection can also help you stream the unplayable videos. If you still have any doubts or questions, kindly mention them in the comment section below.

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