8 Must-See SMS Marketing Examples for SMS Campaigns

Text marketing is undoubtedly a proving ground for creative brand messages because of its immediate delivery, quick open rates, high engagement, and quick reactions. Making the ideal campaign, though, is easier said than done. In an effort to determine what characteristics genuinely distinguish a fantastic campaign, we’ve compiled a list of 8 inventive and effective text marketing examples. We’ll give you a brief overview of each campaign’s goal and explain why we believe it was so effective. 

8 Examples of SMS Marketing 

We wanted to share these SMS marketing efforts since they pleased us so much. They also contain insightful lessons that can easily be applied to a variety of different contexts and help elevate your SMS service.

Texts from Amazon’s Treasure Truck 

Amazon is adored by billions of people because it allows us to search, click. And place orders without having to get up from the sofa. People must have a really cool experience if they are going to leave their homes to purchase on Amazon. 

The Treasure Truck arrives. The Treasure Truck, which was born in Seattle in 2016, soon gained a cult following. The truck travels around a few towns, selling a small selection of daily deals on things like toys, games, and kitchen materials. The problem? You can only get the offer by signing up for SMS, though!

The Text To Wait campaign from Disney 

Thousands of excited fans flocked to the new park to sample all the thrills on the grand launch. One of the most well-known locations is a reproduction of Oga’s Cantina, where visitors may indulge in extraterrestrial delights. 

Disney, which has a reputation for providing excellent customer service, foresaw the enormous demand for this attraction. To control the crowds and allow everyone a chance to explore the area, they chose to employ texting.

Time-Targeted Text Campaign from IHOP 

Since IHOP is well known for being busy in the mornings, the restaurant required a strategy to increase afternoon sales. They developed the term “IHOP” to address this problem. 

It sends a text voucher for a free mini stack of pancakes on a certain day when texted to 88111. 

These coupons served as the entry point to their bigger SMS service, which resulted in additional discounts and promotions aimed at increasing mid-week revenue. As a consequence, one IHOP location recorded 105 mobile coupon redemptions in just 30 days, for a continuing rate of 10%! Both afternoon traffic and income increased as a result of this.

Fun Text-To-Win Promotion 

Growing your contact list is made easy with text-to-win competitions. By employing a tiered incentive, the apparel company Abercrombie added a novel twist and further sweetened the bargain. 

Texting at Arby’s Meets Philanthropy 

Arby’s partnered with the No Kid Hungry Campaign to transform its existing SMS marketing technology into a tool for good. In this campaign, Arby’s used SMS service to inform the public about the countrywide initiative of No Kid Hungry to prevent childhood hunger. 

With more than 2,000 participating restaurants nationwide, Arby’s and their summer SMS promotion assisted thousands of kids whose primary source of nutrition is school lunches.

Texts from Lands’ End with Holiday Reminders 

For appointments, payments, and other event-based situations, text reminders are typically employed. Lands’ End, a retailer, adopted the text-reminder idea and used it to advertise Mother’s Day deals. 

They developed a campaign that persuaded some more…forgetful spouses and children to register for a text-based Mother’s Day reminder. Along with the occasion reminder Lands’ End also sent out gift ideas and promotional advice for Lands’ End items ideal for the adventurous mom.

Magnificent Celeb Text 

Who wouldn’t want to believe that a famous person they like is messaging them? By putting Katy Perry fans in direct contact with the celebrity (kind of). Paramount Studios tapped into the feeling of a one-on-one interaction that mass SMS can provide. 

They asked fans to text the term KP3D to their short code 82442 in order to promote the premiere of their next movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D. From there, followers were given access to insider information about the celebrity and thrilling updates on the impending release. Additionally, they made use of this opportunity to encourage fans to get tickets in the days and weeks leading up to the album’s release.

National Cancer Institute tobacco PSA 

Numerous charitable organizations work hard to get their resources into the hands of individuals who need them. The National Cancer Institute discovered that texting broke down all communication barriers, especially when speaking with young people. 

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) established an ongoing text-based programme to assist teenagers and young people in weaning off the products as part of a comprehensive effort to assist them in quitting smoking. Simply texting QUIT to 47848 will get the youngsters aid. Then, in order to determine the resources they would require. 

You Can Make Your Own SMS Marketing Campaigns. It’s simple to be scared by or believe they wouldn’t work for your company when you witness excellent examples of inventive SMS advertising. However, developing fantastic text message marketing campaigns need not be difficult. 

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