7 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Ruby On Rails Developers

Ruby on Rails Developers

 Today, every startup prefers to work with Ruby on Rails developers. The technology allows rapid prototyping and builds a robust backend for the web application and software. Many giant startups and companies such as Shopify, Netflix, Twitter, GitHub, etc are all built on Ruby on Rails. As a startup, your priority is to create a  fast, stable, and secure application. And Ruby on Rails developers might just be what you need. Let’s read about why Ruby on Rails can help you.  

 7 Reasons Why You Need Ruby On Rails For Your Startup
  1. A Framework for Startup- 

Ruby on Rails framework was created by David H Hansson in 2003. Later in 2004, David released the framework as open-source. Today, the framework serves as a fantastic tool for startups. For the last 15 years, Ruby on Rails has established an active position and proved itself to be a mature technology for building business-based solutions. Companies hire Ruby on Rails developers for their rapid development capabilities. You can quickly build your MVP and launch it in the market. Also easy to scale up as per the traffic spikes. The language has a concise syntax, code reusability, and Gems which also makes it more quick and versatile compared to its competition.  

  1. Saves Time and Cost

Like I said before, a huge advantage this framework has is it can build your MVP(Minimum Viable Product) faster than any other contemporary language. You can hire Ruby on Rails developers to build your prototype with some major features and roll it out on the market asap.

Rails is a flexible framework with lots of features.

  •         You can compare its syntax will a Lego, which is just a block of codes you can configure individually. It saves time in coding and also eases the testing process.
  •         It is based on the Model-View-Controller architecture and Convention over configuration paradigm to simplify the development process dramatically.
  •         Gems are free open-source add-ons and libraries that significantly accelerate app development. Ruby on Rails developers doesn’t need to code the same features over and over again. Each gem is just a pre-written code for a specific function that can be used any amount of time.
  1. Ensure High-Quality

The web solution has to be solid. Ruby on Rails developers ensure the reliability of the solution via these two methods-

  • Test Driven Development (TDD) is a process of development through testing. It includes tools that allow programmers to carry out fully automated, functional, and integrated testing.
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) actually evolved from TDD and guarantees a high-quality web-based solution. While TDD tests the technical functionality of the product, BDD checks if the business tasks are getting accomplished correctly.

You can rest assured that with Ruby on Rails on your product, you are getting a high-quality application at a reasonable cost. These two methodologies together with Rails syntax make a strong alliance for the reliability of the project.

  1. Ruby on Rails is A Scalable Technology

Be it a startup or any old company, with time, your product, market, and customer base may change and grow. A business scales over time as it engages more and more consumers across the web, and your ability to handle it will depend upon the app’s or website’s ability to handle high traffic. Your app should be able to deal with seasonal peaks, traffic spikes, and growing user requests.

Ruby on Rails developers can easily build highly scalable software that can process growing user requests per second and manage increased loads. The framework has a resistance to heavy load. Every major website that deals with heavy traffic use Rails. Be it Shopify with 4 million requests per second, AirBnB with 5 million listings, GitHub with over 55 million repositories, and many more.  

  1. Rails is Secure

While starting a business, people think of security the least because the priority is to create the product first and enter the market. But the security and protection of your web solution have to be a priority. Managing the risk of getting hacked, and attacked directly impacts sustainability and doesn’t hamper the long-term objectives.

Ruby on Rails developers can build a secure and safe feature that will protect your app day and night without emptying your wallets. Even with basic tools they can create a resilient solution. Rails have in-built features such as

  • Insecure Direct Object Reference or Forceful Browsing
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)

They help in building a secure network without much hassle.

  1. Strong Ecosystem

Rails were developed in 2004, and today it’s a mature open-source framework with huge mass support, a plethora of resources, and an active community. After the launch of Rails6, many of the third-party features were pre-installed in the framework making it more versatile and independent. Another Ruby framework, the Action Text framework, also simplifies rich text content.

One great advantage of the community is that everyone can create Gems and daily Ruby on Rails developers and programmers from around the world contribute to developing new gems and updating previous ones as per their needs and are completely open-source. That means anyone else can use them as per their needs as well. They are customizable and cover a lot of industries and technologies including blockchain, the internet of things, data science, etc.

The Ruby on Rails developers also creates tech guides and detailed documentation for Rails enthusiasts.

  1. Access to A High-Quality Talent Pool

Having qualified Ruby on Rails developers on the web project is vital for business. The more skilled they are, the more scalable, budget-friendly, and faster your product will be.

Ruby on Rails developers are well-trained programmers for various reasons

  • Ruby has a slightly complex learning curve because of its concise syntax.
  • Although Rails is a full-stack framework Ruby language is preferred for the backend. So, most programmers usually have mastered other programming languages, especially frontend as well.
  • Ruby on Rails developers are often passionate about coding in this language because of its syntax and features, hence they are regularly updated with new tech and solutions.
  • As I previously discussed, Ruby on Rails has a fairly huge community, and they often host different events and conferences where programmers and developers share their knowledge.

So it is always a huge advantage to hiring Ruby on Rails developers for the startup.

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Ruby on Rails is one of the best full-stack frameworks you can use to build your application. It is robust, fast, efficient, and secure. 4 benefits in 1. It is extremely convenient for startups due to its budget-friendly nature as well. If you are a startup looking to build a scalable and user-friendly application but cannot decide how to build your applications or websites, you can consult Optymize. Optymize has helped many startups all across the globe by providing them with healthy solutions for their project. It is a marketplace where startups and clients can connect with developers and hire them for their projects at a reasonable price.  

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