6 Essential Skills Every PHP Developer Needs!

nce it first appeared in the mid-1990s, PHP has gained popularity among developers as a server-side programming language. Nowadays, you can read headlines predicting its doom, but the evidence shows this might be premature. PHP is utilized by 78.9% of all websites, including well-known sites like Facebook, Zoom, and Wikipedia, according to w3techs.com. Furthermore, the most recent PHP version (7.4) was published in November 2019 –hardly a hint that the language is declining.

Therefore, even if Python and other rapidly expanding languages may be overshadowing it, there will likely still be a high need for Indian PHP developers in the near future. A new Slash data research estimates that there are 5.7 million PHP developers, which is problematic. To stand out from the crowd as a new PHP developer, you must put in a lot of effort.

Now, it goes without saying that you must first grasp the fundamentals of PHP to be a competent PHP developer. This obviously entails having a firm grasp of the PHP language and its processes. Still, after you have achieved that, you can boost your worth by being familiar with a variety of PHP apps and frameworks (such as Laravel, Zend, and Symfony). As experienced PHP developers may need to improve with the most recent technology, it’s also critical to remain up to speed on upgrades and features. Due to a lack of resources, smaller firms and organizations often look for developers with a broad range of skills. Therefore, it’s a brilliant idea to keep yourself in the game as a generalist, even if you may desire to become an expert at certain complex PHP activities.

In light of this, the following 6 essential qualities can help you as an Indian PHP developer stand out from the competition:

  • Understanding of Other Programming Languages

To succeed as a PHP developer in a cutthroat employment market, you will need more than just a working knowledge of PHP code. Knowing these languages well will also enable you to comprehend how they impact user experience (UX), which is the aim of the majority of programming projects. Additionally, it’s crucial to be familiar with databases (mainly MySQL but also common alternatives such as PostgreSQL and Oracle). The bottom line is that one critical method to become a productive member of any development team is to build and maintain a broad range of technical skills.

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  • Learn PHP Design Patterns and Best Practices.

All forms of software development, including PHP, benefit from design patterns. They may hasten development by providing reusable answers to frequent issues.  There are many additional design patterns to learn, but some of the most popular ones in PHP applications include Factory, Strategy, and Singleton. More broadly, you may save time by being familiar with the best practices for using several PHP frameworks. Make use of the language’s long history and large user base to avoid repeating the errors made by others who came before you.

  • Familiarity with Composer, PSR, and PHPUnit

There are a few the tool that will improve your PHP development skills. Composer will take care of your libraries, classes, functions, and dependency management, making it simple to install various iterations for each project. A collection of pre-made Composer-compatible packages is also available here.

 A PHP specification called the PHP Standard Recommendation (PSR) aims to standardize PHP programming principles and enhance the compatibility of PHP components and frameworks.  To assist in avoiding needless variances in PHP code, PHP developers should become familiar with and adhere to these standards.

While PHPUnit is a well-liked framework for unit testing tiny pieces of code against anticipated outcomes. 

  • Solving Issues

 Problem-solving is one of them and is essential to any web development. As a PHP developer, you will encounter unforeseen problems that you will need to resolve; how you approach doing so will significantly impact your value to a development project. Writing high-quality code also requires critical thinking, which is the ability to assess many solutions to a problem and choose the most practical one.

  • Excellent Interaction

Even if you are an expert at writing PHP code, you could find it challenging to collaborate successfully on a team project if you need more interpersonal skills. You can communicate with customers, coworkers, and superiors in order to comprehend project or company objectives, raise concerns, and explain how your job fits into the overall product. And remember that effective communication requires conversing on the phone, via a video conference, in person, and through email and messaging applications, even if you feel most at ease doing so.

  • Adaptability

Finally, it’s critical to remain flexible and open to learning. Like other programming languages, PHP is constantly changing. Therefore, businesses are more likely to work with developers that are up to speed on both software and language changes. There will always be things you can learn from others, even if you are confident in your PHP skills. Maintaining humility and curiosity will help you advance.


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