5 Reasons Why You Need a Graphic Design Agency

At any time in our company or business, we can enter into the internal discussion about the need to hire a graphic design and creativity agency. This may not be a brief discussion or with a simple and quick resolution, since on many occasions and in matters such as design, creativity or everything that has to do with the Internet (social networks, blog …), it is usually think that Do It Yourself is perfect for creating a brand.  Well, since the reality is totally different, we have come to tell you about it in this article. Our intention with this post is to explain why hiring an expert graphic design agency to do this type of task for you is the best choice.

Do it yourself, is it worth it?

Currently, thanks to the boom in tutorials and videos on the Internet, we can all learn to use Photoshop, Illustrator and many other graphic design programs. Even getting pieces made that look decent. However, getting creative for your brand is not the same as doing “homework” and looking decent. Your brand is a message, it is a “why”, it is an emotion that is transmitted in an instant, it is a meaningful color palette, and it is a memory for those who see it. Your brand is much more important than it may seem, but don’t worry if you are not aware of it, we are here to explain it to you. In addition to the reasons, we are giving you, we have 5 more compelling reasons to tell you why it is so important to have an expert agency in graphic design and creativity.

5 reasons to have a Graphic Design agency

1. A job that will represent your brand

Brand Naming Agency– UnboxFame: Again, and to strengthen: Because it is a work / piece that will represent your Brand / Business / Product / Service and will talk about what you are, what you do and your essence. Do you really want the visual impact on your “dream” that is your company to be unprofessional, leading to a bad comment?

2. Design is not knowing how to use Photoshop

Designing a poster, a banner, a website or any other piece is not about knowing how to use Photoshop, buying a photo from an image bank and putting text on it. It is not a mechanical job, but one of creativity, creativity that is learned and developed with the appropriate training and with the experience of years working on different projects, formats and with a lot of trial – error. Therefore, this can only be offered by an experienced agency. Forget that short – I copy – paste and voila, I already have a banner or something much more serious, a logo. Remember: it is your professional brand, the one that will represent what you do and the one that will give the image of your work.

3. Take advantage of your time in your own work

You sure have better, more interesting, and more productive things to do. You are not a graphic designer or creative and you don’t have to be either. You do not have to face situations that you do not know or situations that can cause stress in the long run for the simple fact of not knowing how to handle something that is not within your scope. Leave the work to the professionals who take care of it and who will give you a high-quality job with which you will have a very high return on your investment and with good results. Meanwhile, you can dedicate yourself to what you do best. Delegating is wise.

4. Profitability: you will save money

Yes, although it may not seem like it, you will save and more than you think. You may think that it is a great investment that you are going to pay for a good design, but if you do not do it and design it yourself or someone without experience, the consequences can be so dire that later you will have to invest much more money in fixing that situation. Imagine a situation as simple as it may be that this bad design causes a wave of bad comments on social networks: first, you will spend an economic and time item in responding and solving the reputation crisis (with the irrecoverable damage that this will bring to your Mark). Then you will have to invest in a new design (something you could have done from scratch).

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5. Powerful and unified graphic line

Leave behind that of “today a poster in one way and with a typeface”, “tomorrow a banner in another way” and “past a different website.” Find a good affordable children’s book illustrators agency with which you feel comfortable and trust it with your graphic identity. When everything flows, you will see the results in visual impact, brand identity, notoriety and finally, in sales.

Have you already convinced yourself?

We are sure that with these reasons it will be clearer that you need a graphic design and creativity agency, although it is totally understandable that you have doubts about the budget. We firmly believe that speaking people understand and build empires, so we will always listen to you and work to adapt to your needs under the most exhaustive criteria of quality and creativity.

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