4 Best Dropshipping WordPress Theme In 2023

The dropshipping industry is becoming more and more well-known worldwide. That sounds like a tempting opportunity to earn money by marketing someone else’s goods, doesn’t it? You can submit collections of goods made by other sellers to make a respectable living. However, the business is seeing a rise in competitiveness.

Dropshipping businesses are multiplying every day. How do you pique your audience’s interest? Start a dropshipping website is the solution!

An official website is one of the most important marketing tools for businesses nowadays. You can sell your material and market it on a website to make the most money possible. With the use of a pre-made WooCommerce Porto theme, creating a website on your own is becoming easier. All the resources and tools required to build any type of specialized web resource are offered by these web solutions.

How can I select the ideal WordPress theme for my dropshipping company?

If you took into account a variety of criteria, your website would become more appealing and functional. The top WooCommerce porto dropshipping theme is defined by the six components listed below.

1. Installing your WordPress eCommerce theme should be simple.

The majority of more recent WordPress themes have a 1-click installation option. It enables you to quickly and automatically import the whole example website’s content. Additionally, some themes support manual installation. Longer may be needed. Web developers and designers ought to carry out this.

2. Options for advanced customization

You must customize a theme while creating a website to your unique tastes. Additionally, your website should be distinctive. You can then begin modifying your pages and functionality. Many developers use page builders to reduce the amount of time spent on customizing tasks. Working in a simple drag-and-drop manner makes it quick and simple to modify pre-made designs.

It’s crucial to use an eCommerce WordPress theme that is responsive and mobile-friendly.

3. Fast-loading pages

The usability and search engine performance of your website are both impacted by how quickly it loads. A constantly impatient user gets frustrated with a slow website. If your website takes a long time to load, you can lose places in the search results.

4. User experience matters too

Pick a site theme with great visuals that make it simple to access the material. Your customers should have no trouble using your data. They will visit a rival’s website if it takes them a long time to identify the product category they want.

5. Support and updates

The internet is always evolving. New technologies are being introduced. Make sure your theme is updated frequently to maintain your website current. It is also crucial to keep a folder containing thorough paperwork close at hand. Your theme will benefit greatly from expert technical support available around the clock.

4 Best Dropshipping WordPress Theme

Let’s take a look at the top WooCommerce themes for dropshipping websites that we hand-picked. They all satisfy the aforementioned requirements. You can be confident that they will serve as the strong base of your web business.

1) The top WooCommerce dropshipping theme is Astra (Free)

The finest free dropshipping WordPress theme at the moment, in our opinion, is Astra. It is conceivable to ignore its speed, simplicity, and SEO optimization even though it is permitted to be used outside of online marketplaces.

It completely satisfies the requirements of a WooCommerce store in terms of integration. Visitors can access their cart at any moment with Astra without having to refresh the website or go to a specific page.

You will be able to easily build up catalogue pages on your end. Above all, you can configure a sort so that certain items are displayed in front of others based on predetermined criteria.

Even though Astra is a free WooCommerce theme, it is important to note that there is a premium version as well.

You’ll have more access to features and customization choices with the latter. includes things like better basket management and the inclusion of an image gallery for each of your products (to show it from different angles).

Astra’s Pro edition costs $59 to purchase. We suggest visiting WPAstra.com, the set’s official website, for more information.

A plugin could be required for your dropshipping store. Take a look at the top WordPress plugin for WooCommerce dropshipping as well.

2) OceanWP WordPress theme (Free)

Similar to Astra, OceanWP is a flexible theme that can be used with WooCommerce for dropshipping. Only Astra can outrun OceanWP’s moderately remarkable speed.

By choosing them, you may make use of appealing features and enhance the beauty of your online store.

includes features like extensive filter management for your catalogue, a cart that is always open, a mini-cart for mobile, or even a summary of each item.

To set up the design of your E-Commerce dropshipping site even faster, you can alternatively rely on predefined templates.

Of course, OceanWP supports page builders like Elementor and Divi via its free WooCommerce theme, allowing you to further customize your website.

One final point. OceanWP is a premium version (available for $39; similar to Astra). Do not be reluctant to visit its website to learn more about what it can provide.

3) Neve – Extremely quick WordPress theme

A popular and frequently downloaded theme among WooCommerce users is Neve. Neve has a free version as well as a paid version starting at 59 euros.

ThemeIsle, a renowned name in the industry, created this WooCommerce-compatible theme.

Neve is used by more than 100,000 websites right now. By choosing it, you can obtain cost-free, expert designs for any E-Commerce.

But there’s more! Additionally, the Neve WooCommerce theme is quick, frequently updated, and offers a variety of customization options (including the footer and the header of your site).

Having said that, we encourage you to get the Neve theme’s premium version for WooCommerce. You will have access to more options and features in the Pro edition, enabling you to enhance the user experience for your consumers as they browse your catalogue, review their baskets, or even complete their orders.

The Neve theme can be purchased for 99 euros in its premium edition, which also comes with advanced WooCommerce features.

4) Porto Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme (Paid)

You can look to Porto if performance is a top priority for you. Only a premium edition ($59 annually) of this WooCommerce Porto theme is available, but it’s well worth it. While offering a modern style, this theme is also completely customizable.

Additionally, Porto is very high quality and provides a variety of themes tailored to various industries, such as drop shipping. You will gain from Porto’s improved drag-and-drop design interface in addition to its straightforward functionality. Additionally, this theme enables you to add a lot of plugins.

Furthermore, you can feel confident using this theme when reading customer reviews. Porto demo theme has received an average rating of 4.92/5 out of the more than 32,000 downloads that it has been the subject of. To ensure that you are never obstructed, this theme also offers highly gratifying language support. Porto is a full and top-notch theme for your WooCommerce Porto dropshipping store.

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