10 Creative Ways to Use a Storage Bench Seat in Your Home

 Inside the home, benches are more useful than you might think. They add extra reserved and storage bench seat for guests and a unique touch to a simple space.

Not only can you find benches in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, but you can also discover plenty for a reasonable price (or even thrifted). Check out all of these creative and inspiring ways to use wooden benches in your home.

storage bench seat

Add a storage bench seat to the Front Door Entry

A cute, cozy, and adorable little wooden bench is a great welcoming piece for your front door entry. It’s both comfortable and fashionable. To really bring the entrances to life, add some fresh flowers or greenery. When you’re not home, a front porch bench is a great place for people to leave mail or packages.

Storage bench seat for the Foyer

Find a spot inside your foyer for a comfortable, small bench to greet your guests. It adds some personality. It’s also a great place to sit and remove your shoes, so it’s functional! You can even use the space beneath the bench to store shoes and keep them out of sight. A foyer can be one of the most difficult rooms to decorate because its sole purpose is to welcome guests into the home. A bench can make your foyer feel cozier and more welcoming, particularly if you have a more modern and “cold” interior design.

Bench for Bay Windows

Make a reading nook or a cozy spot to sip your coffee while watching the kids play outside in the morning. Place a cushioned storage bench seat beneath your bay window and fill it with pillows and blankets to keep it comfortable! A window spot is ideal for a bench because the natural light is ideal for reading. To keep the bench from looking cluttered, include storage for books, magazines, and other reading accessories.

A storage bench seat at the foot of the bed

The foot of the bed is another great place to sit and put on your shoes, pack your bags for vacation, or add a little whimsy to your bedroom. Find something with a bit more style and fashion for the bedroom, but make sure it also fits your vision for the space. If you don’t want to clutter up your nightstand, a bench at the foot of your bed can serve as an excellent landing pad for your purse or wallet.

Dining Table storage Bench Seat

This is my favorite use for a bench! Instead of chairs, place a funky bench on one side of your dining room table. It adds some color, personality, and surprise to an otherwise boring space. Benches are better for an informal dining room because they force dinner guests to sit closer together than dining room chairs would.

A storage Bench seat for the Office

Have a meeting at your house? Or invite a friend over for coffee? Place a quirky bench in front of or next to your desk so you can chat while also working! Benches can provide comfortable seating for your office while taking up little space. If you don’t have any visitors, a bench can be used as an extra surface to stack and organize files and papers.

Storage bench seat in the Living Room

Everyone requires additional seating, especially when the entire family is present. But why not have some fun? Adding a bench to the area adds a lighter touch than adding an extra couch or loveseat. Benches are also simple to move if you need to move seating from one room to another.

Bench for a Nursery Bookshelf

To save money and put your crafting skills to use, you can make your own bench out of upcycled materials. A sturdy bookshelf makes an excellent foundation for a bench. A bookshelf turned on its side can be used as the frame for a cute nursery bench with plenty of storage for books. changing station supplies, or any other small items that might clutter an infant’s bedroom. When visitors come to see the new baby or a parent needs to nurse their baby in the middle of the night, a nursery bench is a great place for them to sit.

Planter Bench

The use of benches in the home does not have to be limited to indoor spaces. Benches are an excellent addition to any garden. You can sit here and relax while enjoying the fruits of your labor, whether they are tomatoes or roses. The cool thing about planter benches is that they can double as additional planting space. Planters in planter benches are ideal for growing invasive plants like mint that might take over other areas of the garden.

Bench for Shoe Storage

Shoes that people take off when they get home are one of the most dangerous tripping hazards on most floors. These are usually cast on the floor near sitting areas. Using a shoe bench near the front half of the house can help encourage people not to leave their shoes lying around. If you’re trying to encourage people not to wear shoes indoors, this can also keep less dirt and debris from being tracked on the floor.


Benches are one of the oldest types of human furniture, dating back to a time when chairs were only secured for the most powerful members of a family. 

However, this does not mean that benches are no longer among the most useful furniture pieces in the home. They can be freestanding, attached to the wall, or built into the wall itself. 

There are many benches available for purchase, so visit this site https://artikodesigns.com/.  

But if you have some basic crafting skills, you can easily create your own. Using benches in and around your home can help to improve both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whatever room in the house you’re trying to decorate, there’s bound to be some type of bench that would work well to add extra seating, storage, or decor to your space.

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